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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Valentine Mini Challenge Day Three

 Day 2: The Valentine’s Book Blogger Challenge

Are you still following/participating? Great! This has to be one of my hardest challenges ever but I'm loving every part of it :-)
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Day Three 
"The Cheesiest Romance scenes or Topic you have read in a book"  

To what level of degree do you decide if a scene is cheesy or an certain topic is cheesy? I mean I can be sometimes blind by what is cheesy. So this is extremely hard for me, as I browse my books that I have read for Cheesy scenes or topics.

I pick a passages from Before I Wake, where adults does the  "S-E-X"  talk . . .
Before I Wake (Soul Screamers, #6)

Kaylee's dad been through a lot in his life but the next worst thing to ever had happen was for Kaylee to be killed (You must Read IF I DIE in order to understand where I'm coming from). But now having Kaylee back, he is scared for her. He cannot bare to lose her again or watch her growing up too fast, since the relationship between Kaylee and Tod got more heated up after IF I DIE ended. 

He worries that she and Tod are moving to fast . . . 
"I know things are inevitably going to change, but I'm not going to pretend to be happy that the two of you were here, alone, behind closed doors." 
"I don't really want to have this conversation with you, Dad"
"I don't want to have it, either, but yore kind of forcing my hand." 
~ Kaylee and Her Dad (Pg 68-69) 

 Two adults discusses about their teenagers, Tod's Mom & Kaylee's Dad . . .
"Tod and Kaylee are getting . . . physical," 
"They've always been 'physical,' Aiden. That's how this whole thing started, remember? With a kiss?" 
"No, I mean they're getting intimate."
~ Aiden and Harmony (Pg 112-113)
Well that awkward isn't it? having your parents do the "S-E-X" talk, but also it's cheesy in a way because it's comes up at the most inappropriate times. Plus having two adults discuss about theirs children's growing hormones/physical


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