"You Can Never Have Too Many Books"


About the Blog
SassyCat is a book blogger, the contents that are posted are always within the aged appropriate group, while I may read books that are mature 18+. Most of the books that are reviewed are YA, Adult (Not to be confused with New Adult), Contemporary, Romance and Paranormal.
What I include in my reviews are these
  • Review
  • Rating
  • Ramble (I talk about what I like/dislike about the book)
  • Memorable Quotes/Scenes(This doesn't always applied to my reviews)
***I do my best to have the reviews posted in a timely fashion and to give an honest review
About Me
My name is Kat and I've been blogging/reviewing for about two years at the most, while SassyCat's Books Review is a newbie I'm am no stranger to the blogging world.
Although I am a huge book-lover I wasn't always, in fact I wouldn't open a book unless I had to. While the reasons may be unclear even my own parents say they have always read books to me at night when I was younger. But now its a whole new story and a new me (in a sense) I love books, I love reading, I love browsing in the bookstore, and I love buying books.
I try my best to read books throughout the year, but since I am a college student studies comes first so summer time and break time are my time to read.
I am on Twitter most time  you can find me @KatN21
Goodreads: SassyCat's Books Review (I am very picky on who I accept as friends, GRs has many users that doesn't use it for the right reason. It a book site for us reader to keep track of books we read, TBR, other shelves that we've created.)
Blog Features
Reviews - A review on a book I've read
Blogger Times - It a post on just about anything that is book-related, whether its a purchase of books or author event that I attended
Book Releases - Some Books that are being released during the week of anytime I choose
Currently Reading - What am I reading? Is it on my Ipad or a Hardcover/Paperback book?
Cover Reveal - I post a cover reveal when I can, since I do cover reveal sign ups when the opportunity arises
Blog Tours - I'll participate any blog tours that I am chosen for
***More Features may come


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