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Updated: Review Policy

Updated September 6th, 2017, as of right now I will no longer accept review requests. Blogging hadn't been my priority lately and I've been away from the blogging world. I am taking an leisurely approach, I love all my indie/traditional authors but I have other things going on in my life that reading has been leisure. So I am continuing that approach, I don't know when I'll open this back up where I can accept review requests.  

If you are an author that have reach out to me before,  feel free to contact me about potentially reviewing another book of yours. 

Hello and Welcome to my Blog! If you are visiting this page, then you must want me to review your book.

Purrfect! Here's a few keynotes before you ask me to review your book,

I would gladly be happy to review ARCs, Books, Ebooks(Kindle App) or PDF formats from authors and publishers. Since reading books takes time along with reviewing and my increasing list of books to review, I can't offer my reviews in a set times, but I will do my best to read and review them in a timely manner.

I'll will notify you through any social media/ and or emails when the review goes up. I am not entirely picky of genres but there are some that I will not read or force myself to read. See my prefer Genres below.

I will write honest reviews and while I do my best to not say negative things about the book, positive is always better I believe. But I will indicated why/why not I didn't care for a particular book. While most of my reviews are positive aspects, there may be a time where I might express my frustrations.

I won't ever attack an author, I've seen authors being attack through social media because the reader was disappointed or frustrated with how the author may have ended the book or such and such. If you asked me to take down a review because it wasn't to your liking and asking me to sugar coat the book, that is not what the purpose of the reviews. Reviews are meant for feedback to the author and provide suggestions to readers, it is not a form of attack to the author personally.

I would be gladly to host interviews (by email). Right now for giveaways I am still new to this and I will not be doing any giveaways for the mean times. If you are willing to provide the giveaway, then that is fine.

I may or may not review self-publish book, but that will depends on my availability to read and review your book. Any Indies authors or Steampunk, I haven't had the opportunity to read that particular genre. 

As of July 10th 2014, I will not be accepting Arcs, I know some may have reached out to me beforehand and it's my fault because I haven't updated my review policy and I had already determined that I won't be accepting books to review. There are three books that I plan on reading and will be getting Arc of the books before I start school again in August. Also I am in need to start actively look for a job . . . Again you are always welcome to send me an email to see if I can or cannot review your book. 
Wish me luck on job hunting and with my studies, hopfully once I get into a routine of things I'll blog like I normally do and read books as I normally do but for right now I'm taking a break . . . I need a break.

My preferred Genres:
Young Adult
Science Fiction/Fantasy
Adult Urban Fantasy
Adult Contemporary
With New Adult being a new genre, I will be willing to read your NA book. If you are asking me to review a Erotica book I may decline depending on how the book sounds.
If you are wanting to submit a book in a series for review and it is not the first book in that series, I will need any books that came before that book. Unless I've have read your previous books within the series.

Sending me a book for review does NOT guarantee I'll review it. There are various reasons why that may not happen. But I will do the best I can to get it reviewed. I do have a tight schedule and once school is back in session, I am limited to how much I can read.

To Contact Kat(me): please email me at katnequette1 (at) gmail (dot) com

Mailing address will be provided upon request
So here's is how I rate things cat style

One Cat's Tail Up - I'm glancing at the book but there's not enough interest in the toy itself

Two Cat's Tail Up - Interested but it felt like I was missing my regular cat nap

Three Cat's Tail Up - I spent a little time with you but I still could have used that cat nap

Four Cat's Tail Up - Ooh Playtime! I love this toy until it strays away from me . . . Game Over

Five Cat's Tail Up - Ah Ha I have you now! Now I will take you to my slaves & they'll take care of the rest, my job is done

Purr Fest - Ah this is the life, getting my massage and can you get that spot right . . . right. .. there? Oh this was the best!

Ok I know this cat language may or may not make sense but that the humor of my tails. Books are rated with humor and I hope that you like my rating explanation.

*** I do add a little quip after the rate about what I like about the book and why it receives this particular rating.


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