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Friday, October 6, 2017

Book Review: Into the Fire

Into the Fire (New York Syndicate #2) by Michelle St. James

Into the Fire (New York Syndicate Book 2)All’s fair in love and war — and sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference.

Damian Cavallo would do anything to get Aria back — even join the Syndicate. Fresh on the heels of Aria’s rescue in Greece, he joins up with the other Syndicate leaders to take down Primo Fiore and his dangerous first-in-command, Malcolm Gatti, but Primo and Malcolm have aligned themselves with a new enemy: Stefano Anastos, notorious head of the Greek mob.

And taking down both armies won’t be easy.

Aria is still recovering from her kidnapping when she gets a call from the one person she has no choice but to love — her brother, Primo. Determined to help him in spite of everything, Aria sets in motion a series of events that may prove deadly for more than just her and Damian.

Then the violent turf war returns to New York City and Aria is forced to make an impossible choice — save the man she loves, save her brother, or sacrifice herself.

Kindle Edition, 287 pages
Published September 22nd 2017 by Blackthorn Press

MEOW . . . MEOW . . . MEOW

Into the fire delivers the right amount of action, betrayals, and of course the romance. Two months has gone by since the first book, and the stakes are higher than ever before. Damian promises the syndicate leaders that he wouldn't be involved with Aria, but you can't control love or fate.

He will do anything to protect her.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, Michelle did not disappoint me (not that she had before). There's still so muck at stakes for Damian to take control over the New York Syndicate, but Damian's main priority is to protect Aria.

I think we all were lead to believe that Aria had no clue about what was really going on, but once she got involved with Damian she got a front row seat. While Damian wants to keep Aria out of the mix of the syndicate but seeing all of the other men's women take it all with stride has him wondering if Aria could do the same?

Aria is left with so many mixed feelings, worry about her brother's mindset and worry about Damian. But she knew that she had to choose . . . family or love.

That ending was quite something else . . . I'll be curious to what will happens next.

I give this Five Paws, I love everything about it.