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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Valentine Blog Challenge: Day Two

Valentine’s Mini Book Blogger Challenge

After my nearly epic blogger fail yesterday where I read a fellow blogger Book Boyfriend list I was completely underwhelm. I added more guys to my list. . . if you didn't see my list click here, Valentine Book Blogging: Day One

So today topic is on The HOTTEST scene you (I) have ever read in a book . . . REALLY? This is beyond hard for me.

The first one that came to mind was with Hush, Hush (book #1) when Patch is with Nora . . . Alone. He lifted her up on the kitchen counter and kiss her, that was also their first kiss by the way :-)

Faythe and Marc rekindling their love in Pride (book #3) when Faythe was on trial and Marc gets exiled in a sense and is stripped of his status as a enforcer. The whole part where Faythe just can't let him go and teased but demanded his touch once again. 

Loki and Wendy, in the garden towards the end of Torn (book #2) where Loki is there to be Wendy knight in shining armor but also to give her freedom from everything between trylle and Vittra kingdom. But also where Loki offered a life of adventures, and profess his love for her. 

Ren and Calla, Nightshade (book #1) in the women's bathroom at the school, like really Ren? In the bathroom and at school? He was showing what life would be like once he and Calls married since they are betrothed but Calla was still have insecurity. 

Drake and Emelia, the wine cellar at drakes Halloween party was hot but not enough hottest . . . The hottest scene was the office, kissing like crazy and desires grew quickly from there :-). 

Daemon and Katy, either the whole kissing scene to wear off the trace of alien energy on 
Katy that lead to a major make out session and a very poor laptop suffers the consequence but my favorite and most hottest scene for me was in Origin where Katy and Daemon are safe and really just went for it because nothing else matters, if they had only a second they would use that second the best way they could. 

I can't leave out Kaylee and Tod my two favorite characters in the whole wide world, I love in If I DIE when Kaylee spontaneously kiss Tod after he did the best thing he ever could for her and the best part of it was that when Kaylee and Emma talk, Kaylee admits to wanting to kiss Tod again. But also the most sweetest part was Tod admitting his feeling for Kaylee.

So how about you? What are some of your favorite/hottest scene you read? 


  1. Every scene with Daemon and Katy was smoking. They were always destroying something.