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Monday, February 10, 2014

Valentine Book Blogging: Day One

 Valentine’s Mini Book Blogger Challenge
Whoo! It's that time again, where we get to swoon over our book boyfriends 

Day One is Book Boyfriends List! We have them so now let's share them!

Drake Wilder
Gone with the Wolf (Seattle Wolf Pack, #1) 
An Alpha . . . Running his own business and pack, he gave up the search of his luminary until Emelia Hudson came along.

Best Qualities: Protective, Leader, The Perfect Mate

Tod Hudson

With All My Soul (Soul Screamers, #7) 
A Reaper . . . Finally got his perfect girl, against everything weighing on him the best thing he's ever done was follow his he

Best Qualities: Knight in shining armor, Put others before himself, Funny while being Sa

Daemon Black
Opal (Lux, #3) 
A Alien . . . The next door neighbor with a cocky attitude, pushes Katy to her maximum steaming point and calling her Kitten, he is not from Earth.

Best Qualities: Sexy and Brooding, Recklessly in love, Electric touch

Barrow Hess

Rise (Nightshade Prequel, #2) 
A Warrior . . . Part of the Conatus Circle, protecting the world from evil and dark times, the only thing that makes him weak is that he is just a man, where desires are stirring.

Best Qualities: Honest, Strong, Admit to his Weaknesses and Fears

Ryan Stone

Dare You To (Pushing the Limits, #2) 
A Jock . . . The ideal perfect family, a future already planned, falling for the stand out girl, a dare that starts it all.

Best Qualities: Good Storytelling, Romantic, Kind  

Ford O'Neal
A Risk Worth Taking 
A Risk . . . A summer fling he said, but what can you do when that Summer fling becomes more than just a risk? Can he give up all his plans and dreams for just one risk?

Best Qualities: Fun and Adventurous, Took a Risk, Perfect proposer  

Isaiah Walker

Crash into You (Pushing the Limits, #3) 
The Bad Boy . . . Living the imperfect life, Tattoos with an attitude, cars and has the need for speed, he also saves an angel from the hellhole he lives in

Best Qualities: Savior, Polar Opposite, a Real Lover

Collin Dailey

The Curse Keepers (Curse Keepers, #1) 
A Curse Keeper . . . Believer in the legends, the imperfect man with a reputation that follows, a lost soul.

Best Qualities: Informative, Handsome, Sweet talker


Fire & Flood by Victoria Scott 
A Contender  . . . Fighting for the same thing, but he's a part of a secret group to end the Brimstone Bleed race, and a fighter to protect.

Best Qualities: Mysterious, Knowledgeable, Courageous


White Hot Kiss by Jennifer L. Armentrout
A Demon . . . He's helps solves mysteries, teaches that you can be both and not be frown upon, express your true nature.

Best Qualities: His Moving Tattoos, Hero of the day, A Kissable guy


White Hot Kiss by Jennifer L. Armentrout 
A Gargoyle . . . Ice cream eating buddy, a dear friend, a beautiful creature of the night

Best Qualities: A Good friend, A shoulder to cry on, Protector

Tristan Doran

Captive by A.D. Robertson 
A Keeper. . . A prisoner in his own home, eyes are always watching, enemies are always waiting, desires grow deep.

Best Qualities: Always providing a Challenge, Wicked rider, Honest Lover

Added Additions that I should have never left behind . . .

Ascend (Trylle, #3)An enemy . . . 

Nash Hudson
Before I Wake (Soul Screamers, #6) A Bean Shide

Bloodrose (Nightshade, #3)A betrothed friend/ werewolf . . .

Wolfsbane (Nightshade, #2) A boy she saves . . . 

Marc Ramos
Alpha (Shifters, #6) The one you can't live without  . . .

 Cam Caballero
 Blood Bound (Unbound #1) The Perfect Love . . .

The Last Echo (The Body Finder, #3)A Friend  . . . 

Spell Bound (Hex Hall, #3)A Warlock . . .

Jake Thorne
Hades (Halo, #2)A Demon . . . 

Xavier Woods
Heaven (Halo, #3)A Mortal . . .

Dark Kiss (Nightwatchers, #1)A Angel . . .

That's all my book boyfriends so far, how about you?


  1. Nice, have to agree with you on Daemon Black, he's definitely one hot alien. :)

    1. Think of it this way, he's the only hot alien around :-) Sure Dawson is cute but he was already taken from the beginning :-)

  2. OMG How could I forget Guy from Fire & Flood? HE WAS SO HOT!!!

    1. I'm assuming you got an ARC? Or Egallery? But yeah I really like Guy and the mysterious aspect about him

  3. Oh I forgot about Marc! My list obviously wasn't that "tight"

    1. When I read Fiktshun, I didn't have Loki or Nash Hudson! I wasn't tight with my list either but I'm glad to have that fixed. :-)

  4. I'm not familiar with any of these boys. Great list!