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Friday, July 11, 2014

Enchanted Heart Book Tour: Interview with Mindy

Enchanted Heart (Game of Hearts #1)

Enchanted Heart (Game of Hearts #1)
By Mindy Ruiz
  Cassandra Vera never ever broke the rules.


She’s also had a nonexistent social life since her best friend moved to Vegas. Armed with a new set of resolutions, the promise of a hot date, and her adoptive parents out of town, seventeen-year-old Cassandra agrees to a road trip, which is the perfect way to celebrate her birthday and ring in the New Year. After all, she’s headed to Vegas, the city where secrets are meant to stay hidden. Little does Cassandra know her past is buried there as well.

Cloaked in the shadows of the glitz and gaudy lights of Vegas lies a power struggle centuries old. One wrong step and Cassandra could destroy the delicate web of secrets. Now an enemy she never knew existed is after her, and the one boy who may be the missing piece to the puzzle — and her heart— is the one person she can’t afford to trust

Today I have the lovely Mindy here on my blog, answering some questions and getting deep inside her mind.  

Your book is taken place in Vegas, if you could pick three rules to follow what would they be?
I’m a rule breaker so I’d totally be able to count cards, have access to all the hidden passages, and be able to control the graphics on the Fremont Street digitial canopy.
What inspire you to choose Vegas as the primary location but also to be the most dangerous place for your character?
I live in a suburb of Los Angeles and Las Vegas has always held this far off forbidden glimmer.  It’s also just close enough that kids in my high school would try these overnight runs; most were caught but the few that got away with it were legends.  You mix that with Katy Perry’s Waking up in Vegas and Lady Gaga’s Poker face …BAM … you have the beginnings of Enchanted Heart
What does each of the Vegas House represent? And where would you fit in?
Each Vegas house has a latent power and a battle power.  We don’t get a full understanding of the battle power until Book 2.  But the latent power is strong enough to get our characters into all sorts of trouble.  
The very cool thing about Enchanted Heart is the interactive elements.  You can go to Vegas and find the places in the book. And we developed a personality quiz that will sort you into house. Bit.ly/GameOfHearts is where you can take your quiz.  And, if you like my facebook page Facebook.com/MindyRuizBooks and private message me, I’ll send you a house designator.
What do they mean . . .

House of  Diamonds:
Latent powers: Riches and wealth come from the fact that they are human lie detectors.
Diamonds really are forever.  As a member of the House of Diamonds, not only do riches and wealth seem to accumulate around you, your latent power of knowing when a person is telling the truth and when they’re lying really comes in handy when dealing with The Shadows.

House of Hearts:
Latent power: to create an unbreakable bond.
Pat Benetar had it right, you’re a heat breaker, love maker, and the latent effect of the House of Hearts to create unbreakable bonds is one of the most sought after powers.  That’s probably why your house has been forbidden to hook up with anyone from the House of Spades.

House of Spades:
Latent power: Influence
A smile goes along way when you’re a member of the House of Spades.  Well, that and the ability to influence those around you.  Can you sweet talk your way out of any situation? Bat your eyes and get an extra hour on curfew?  Welcome to the House of Spades. But remember: with great power comes great responsibility.

House of Clubs:
Latent Power: Bring good luck to people when combined with the black opal the heir of Clubs can see the future.
Luck is a very thin wire between survival and disaster … it’s a good thing you reside in the House of Clubs.  While you love to walk on the wild side of life, those around you tend to shoulder the fallout.  And remember, even if you're a high-ranking member in the House of Clubs, your luck is always a bad choice from running out.

House of Midas:
Latent power:  the heir to the gamming commission can save one soul during their life time; better make it a good one.
Law and Order with a splash of excitement. As a member of the House of Midas, you love a good adventure and bending a few rules, but within reason and as long as you’re controlling the reason.  You make sure everyone is having a good time, sometimes at your own expense.  The only problem you have being in the House of Midas is when your duties conflict with your heart; and then it’s anyone’s guess what you’ll do.

Who would I be? What would we both be?
Mindy: I keep taking the personality quiz over and over again and wind up in the House of Spades every time. 
Me: I've taken the quiz at least twice and still end up in the House of Midas, I even got a key chain from Mindy when I met her at UtopYA labeled with the House of Midas and a poker chip. Poker chips are actually a fun little swag to get from her as well a deck of cards!
If you're curious to what house you belong in take the quiz! Here

What would be the theme song for Enchanted Heart?
Ke$ha’s Blow.  I know, not what you were thinking!  1. The lyrics really do encompass what’s happening to all of the otherworldly characters in Las Vegas when Cassie arrives. 2. My teen crush, James VanDerBeek stars in the video. 3. There’s unicorns and rainbows. Unicorns AND rainbows, hello!
When you’re not writing, you’re doing what?
When I’m not writing I’m usually chasing after my three boys or catching up with my husband.  During football season, you can find my tush rooting for the Dallas Cowboys.
Favorite snack to munch on?
I either go very healthy with cucumbers or very unhealthy with chocolate covered moose munch, and sometimes the occasional peach mojito to get me through those tough scenes.   
What do you have to do in order to get into a writing groove or what does get you in a writing groove?
To get into the groove all I need is five minutes of quiet.  In a house full of boys, those moments are few and far between so I’ve learned headphones are mommy’s best friend.  What gets me into a writing groove? Music and life.  My girlfriends are always amazed how I can find the most mundane task like taking the kids to school and put a twist on it when something out of the ordinary happens.

Casino Games favorite? Since the book is taken place in Vegas.
I love roulette! I love craps! I despise twenty-one, the pressure of all that math and counting gives me hives!
Mindy Thanks for answering these questions for me and I can't wait for number two!

Here's the giveway!
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