"You Can Never Have Too Many Books"

Saturday, January 4, 2014

SassyCat's Book Blogger: Day Four

Again its another day, another challenge when it comes to books. Today topic is What books will you NOT missed. 
Books that I won't miss in 2014, HA! I'm sure I'll miss some books but my goal is still aiming high for Series books along with some other books. 

  • FIRE & BLOOD by Victoria Scott I actually have an ARC of the book! and is currently reading it right now!

  • WHITE HOT KISS by Jennifer L Armentrout, Gargoyles are back and I'm not missing this one, I won an ARC of WHK from Jennifer and that will be my next read. Also since I jumped onto the Lux series just only last summer 2013, there's still one last book I'm dying for OPPRESSION the final Lux book, meaning the end for Daemon and Katy.

  • Wait for You by J Lynn aka Jennifer L Armentrout, I just got this book as part of my birthday gifts, I'm still wanting to read Frigid by J Lynn as well but I haven't found the book yet

  • Snakeroot by Andrea Cremer, I've been anxious for this book to come out and it's finally here! Another book by her and under a pen name A.D. Robertson is her Erotica/Adult Nightshade book called  Captive: The Forbidden Side of Nightshade.

  • OH! I am not missing one of my favorite author's new book!  Menagerie (Untitled, 1) by