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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Book Review: Amulet of Power

Amulet of Power (The Lost Amulet Chronicles #2) by Katie Lynn Johnson

Amulet of Power (The Lost Amulet Chronicles, #2)Forgotten Memories. Dark Enchantments.
And a Long-Lost Source of Unimaginable Power.

Keeping her end of a desperate bargain to save her island home from destruction, Alexa Costa finds herself in the unlikely employ of Queen Jada. Bound by a powerful spell, she swears allegiance to the kingdom of Alvair and remembers nothing of her romance with Caleb. Now she must adjust to life within the castle, where her personal opinion means nothing, her skills are constantly put to the test, and her private thoughts are public knowledge.

Rumors abound and secrecy reigns in Queen Jada’s inner circle, the members of which include the mysterious Prince Dante, the self-obsessed Princess Tiana, and the valiant Captain Whitman of the Alvairan Army. It's only a matter of time until Alexa suspects treachery, but with enemies waiting outside--and inside--the castle walls, will regaining her memory be enough?

Paperback, 1, 376 pages

Published June 2013 by Katie Lynn Johnson 

As again this was through an request by the author, Katie offered me to read both of her books and after I had read the first book I wanted to read (naturally) the next book. A little email chat and boom! Number two is loaded on my kindle app. 

Where we left off in the end of Amulet of Elusion, we thought Alexa and her friends gain victory however that doesn't seem like the case when Amulet of Power comes in. Alexa is now living in the Castle of Alvair, as the Queen's apprentice. 

Because of what Alexa is as an interrupter, she can wield and grant powers of the amulets, Queen Jada finds her to be useful on her side. Then we find Caleb in Alvair at Queen Jada's troop training camp, he has no memories of his life before joining Alvair's troops. 

Queen Jada's plan of actions is to use Alexa for her own will of powers, and giving Alexa very little in return. Alexa had rarely questioned anything, but she begins to question her heart and the side that she's on. 

Caleb doesn't believe in the powers, Queen Jada possess or what she's willing to give to her warrior but for Caleb he knows there's something about Alexa only he can pinpoint what it is

Dark forces are stirring in Alvair and the change in power is growing, will Alexa and Caleb figure out what it is that's buried so deep inside them?

Amulet of Power really explore new depths of Alvair, simply put I finished the book in two-three days max. Sometimes you can only suppress memories but never erased them for good and you can't fight true love. I give this five Cat's Tails UP, it was a MERROOWW awesome book. 

Meow . . . Meow . . . Meow
Every moment about this book was "What is going on?" Both Alexa and Caleb don't recognize each other, they both had memories hidden from them which didn't make any sense to me but it turns out the WICKED EVIL GREEDY QUEEN JADA was behind all of it.

We meet a couple new people in this books, some are nice while others are not. Due to Queen Jada's husband death the next heir to the throne is her nephew Dante.

Dante or should I say Prince Dante? From the start I knew something was up with him but I couldn't fathomed why Alexa would even be drawn to him but given to her situation living only inside the castle and not allowing to venture off I'll give her a pass.

But Dante was betrothed to someone else until he asked his Aunt Queen Jada to turn the table where he chose his own bride and what do you know, he picked Alexa. But he only chose her because of what she can give him . . . POWER.

Caleb! while I'm glad he's building up strength and fighting capability, I was sad that he was torn away from Alexa but cheering inside when Queen Jada unmistakeably made him Alexa's personal guard. After that things starts heated back up for them! However Dante warns Caleb and will do what he want from Alexa.

After One long moment between Alexa and Caleb, he is struck by powerful memories, the very memories that were hidden from him and hidden from Alexa. Struggling to gain back Alexa, it's up to Alexa to follow her heart.

Another battle erupts at Castle Alvair and a new leader rises, Caleb and Alexa hides deep into the seas and into Caleb's family home for a short period as for their next mission is to find Ivy. They also learn in Ivy's letter and her plan to regain hope for the kingdom and restore balance.


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