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Sunday, January 5, 2014

SassyCat's Book Blogger: Day Five

IF you haven't join in on Parajunkee's Book Blogger New Year Challenge then you're missing out! It's another day and another day to talk about books, more importantly and yes sadly "Worst Book of 2013" Sometime you can't help about not loving a book, I had a 

The Blood Code (Super Agent, #4)  
Some of the story line was enough to keep me interested but there was too much twisting fiction of the Grand Duchess Anastasia. The visualization that the author place it in was very well done, it almost took me right to where the book is although I know I'll never be able to visit that country. I gave this book 3 Cat's Tails Up, only because I like some of the idea and the visuals that is describes heavily in the book.   
Disconnect (Divided Worlds, #1) 

Disconnect (Divided Worlds #1) by Imran Siddiq, 
I suppose part of my problem with this book was that it was very straight forward and almost predictable, it dealt with different society structures but more important about two people from two different side of the line.  I did note in my review that I would consider re-reading the book again to get a better understanding of the book because sometime the mind isn't driven by what you are reading. I also gave this 3 Cat's Tails Up, it was an okay book but I wasn't completely Wowed. 


Quarantine: The Loners (Quarantine, #1)Quarantine: The Loners (Quarantine #1) by
"As original as The Hunger Games" now I haven't read the Hunger Games but I've seen both movies and this book does not fit. I get the whole survival concepts and the high school cliches because it is set in the high school setting. I know there's a second book and I haven't decided if I want to read it or not, I might but I might not at least not in this year.

Well that all my Worst Read of 2013, but again you can't control what you think you might like but end up not liking it. I'm pretty good on choosing my book titles which is often why most are 4 or more Cat's Tails Up, I take other Blogger's thoughts about books they have read that is on my TBR pile and there are some that I've found on my own and enjoyed them as well.


  1. It seems like anything related is pegged as "Hunger Games", just like books anywhere similar with a love story were pegged to be the next "Twilight". Almost hurts you going into it.

    Worst Book of 2013

  2. I hate it when books liken themselves to another book and I've got to learn to steer away from them. Good luck finding fantastic reads in 2014!

  3. I've only read Quarantine..and guess what it is on my favorite list for tomorrow. LOL -- see we can't like 'em all. The other book sound interesting too...maybe I might like those too. ;)