"You Can Never Have Too Many Books"

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Armchaire BEA: Literary Fiction

Pardon my late posting for Day 3 of Armchair BEA, I was spending catch up with a friend along with a movie (which wasn't all bad but I'll keep IMO to myself). 

How did everyone else the Twitter Party this morning?

I managed to be there for the whole thing, but then TweetChat stop working on my Internet and there was Internet so I'm not sure why it refused to open up. It first began to not post my comments, so I had to go back and forth on Armchair BEA twitter feed to know the next question.

Literary Fiction:

I think from the beginning of my books obsessions, it was always young adult or adult books but I haven't read Literary fiction. If I did read literary fiction, it was probably school related back when I was in high school, for example "To Kill a Mockingbird", "Of Mice and Men", "Animal Farm"

Sadly none of those interest me in any way and when my teachers show the movie version, it made it even more complicated for me to understand the story. My junior English class, we all read Animal Farm and it was very confusing to all of us and when we finally got the chance to see the movie. Every single one of us said it would've been easier seeing the movie rather than reading the book.

So are there any Literary books that I might be interested in reading? The answer is yes

Water for Elephants, The Lovely Bones, The Casual Vacancy, and any of the Jane Austen' books that I currently owned.

I can probably bet that my best friend who also love books has read more literary books than I have just based from how she was education at her school compare to mine and the fact that she is studying to be an English major.

Thanks again for stopping by on my blog, I will be spending my night working on tomorrow BEA topic.


  1. I really loved Water for Elephants, and The Lovely Bones. Great post!

  2. oh my, I still have NOT read Water for Elephants!! thanks for sharing