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Monday, May 16, 2016

Serial Review: Desiring Red

Desiring Red By Kristin Miller
I’m indecisive when it comes to my shoes. Choosing a werewolf mate who’ll be with me until I croak? Pardon me while I take some time to think on it. But a steamy encounter before the final ceremony changes everything.

Reaper, the Omega’s eldest grandson, is fiercely loyal, scorching hot, and built for pleasure. He brings down my defenses, and before I know what’s happening, I succumb to the heat in his touch and the skill of his mouth. I’ve only just met him, but I need him like no other.

As part of my pack duties, I must parade in front of the Alpha, who has first choice of the pre-shifters. Rumors of his dark desires run deep, and I’ve always been intrigued. But the forbidden passion blazing between Reaper and me is too primal to deny. By pack law, Reaper can’t have me until the Alpha makes his choice…but Reaper’s never been one to follow the rules.

Expected publication: May 30th 2016 by Entangled Publishing, LLC (Scorched) 

MEOW . . . MEOW . . . MEOW

Right off the bat, I still love Kristin's writing even when this serials has an erotic taste. When reading the description of Desiring Red, I was like this young female just has no clue what she's getting herself into and that was the interesting part on reading to see how she figures things out. As well the two werewolves that will turn her world upside down.

A little bit on Ivy, the poor girl that is in this uncertainly about life. I guess it's one thing to figure out what you want to do in life, it's another to try and figure out who you want to be with the rest of your life. Ivy doesn't have complete confidence in herself, until . . . Reaper comes along.

The Mysterious Reaper, he's supposed to be next in line but he's decided to drop everything to go chase a ghost. When he return after being gone for extend amount of time, the first thing he sees is Ivy, in a deep red robe, panicky. When they touch it's instant chemistry.
I actually really am drawn to Reaper . . . But I know nothing but his reputation and very little of his past.

Next we have the up and coming Alpha Lukas, I'm not even sure where he stands other than he can pick and choose any women to be his mate or his plaything (if you know what I mean). When Ivy has to be in his presence the first thing he does is brings out the Brandy. During their little interactions, I wasn't sure if bring out the Brandy was a way for him to get through all of this or simple just to drunken up female pre-shifers. But he didn't do either to Ivy, in fact he was rather curious about her since for Ivy its not about just her being a pre-shifter, it's also for her to determine if she want to join the pack.

NOTE this book ends in the biggest cliff hanger ever! I mean after getting to those last few words I was like "That's it?" That's all I get? But again it is a serial, so I can't wait to keep on reading it.

I give this 5 Cat Paws, clearly I was instantly drawn between Ivy and Reaper and their instant hot and sexy moments.


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