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Friday, January 22, 2016

Book Review: Wolf Bait

Wolf Bait (Wolf Cove #1) by Nina West

Wolf Bait (Wolf Cove, #1)When life turns to hell, most people talk about running away. Abbi Mitchell actually does it. Determined to escape her humiliating heartbreak and her overbearing mother, Abbi takes a summer job at a resort in Alaska. It's supposed to be four months of snow-capped mountains, peaceful wilderness, and figuring out if she should wait for her lifelong sweetheart to come back, as he has promised he'll do.

Instead, it's Henry Wolf.

Owner of the luxury hotel chain, Henry Wolf is cool and composed, successful with everything he touches, and undeniably beautiful. And for some reason Abbi can't fathom, he wants her—the farm girl from small town, USA with no corporate experience—as his personal assistant.

Abbi scrambles to meet his professional demands while she battles her growing attraction to him. Physical feelings she shouldn't have because he's her boss, because she's way out of her league with him, and because they'll never be reciprocated.

Until they are.

Will Abbi be able to let go of herself—her values, her dreams, and her inhibitions—to give him all that he's demanding of her?


Published November 16th 2015

MEOW . . . MEOW . . . MEOW 

TO be honest, I read this like last month but due to my lack of wanting to Review that Wolf Bite was just sitting waiting to be review.  I love the story so it wasn't like I didn't like it or love it otherwise that would be more difficult to write the review. 

I also thought this was a werewolf book as well, can you figure out why I thought that?

Abbi grew up in a much devoted christian family, however when she learns of her now ex cheated on her. She couldn't continue on with the relationship, although everyone else wanted her to give him a second chance. to forgives his sins so to speak. 

Abbi decided that she wanted to go on an adventure by taking a job for a resort out in Alaska, surrounded by breath-taking views and an breath-taking, sexual-driven, masculine man named Henry Wolf the owner of Wolf Hotels establishment.  Although Abbi doesn't stand a virgin chance with him, Henry was determine to learn about her. 

Wolf Bait explores sexual fantasies that Abbi never had dream of, including losing her virginity card but can she keeps a separate relationship between her BOSS Henry and Henry that got her heart pounding? 

But Henry got some secrets of his own . . .

This was a great start off for the series, the ending was just too much! Like where will Abbi stand now? Now that she learn a truth that just may put her job at jeopardy and possibly lose her job at Wolf Cove. 

I give this 4.5 Cat Paws Up! I can't wait for book two Wolf Bite.


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