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Friday, January 29, 2016

Book Review: The Crow Box

The Crow Box (The Shadow & Ink Series) by Nikki Rae

The small wooden box is dirty, the size of a human fist, and sealed with wax. When Corbin takes it upon herself to clean it and break the seal, a voice she has tried to ignore gathers strength. Shadows play on the walls at night, and with a family history of mental illness, Corbin fears the worst. But the voice tells her it is real. That its name is Six and it will prove it in time. 

Drawn to this mysterious entity, Corbin isn't sure what to believe and the line between reality and her imagination blurs more every day. 

Some doors should not be opened; can this one be closed.

MEOW . . . MEOW . . . MEOW

The Crow Box is a little kind of weirdly, that's the best term to describe it, It's not a bad thing I know Nikki loves to write weirdly dark things. The character Corbin (which is a very interesting name for a girl), she starts hearing voices . . . well actually A voice.  

There's some interesting connection between the Voice and black feathers? 

Corbin is not one of those average girls most people read about, she pretty much keeps to herself and keeps her home life pretty in secrets. Her mom has a Mental condition and throughout the book Corbin starts to hear a voice and starts wondering if she's becoming like her mom. 

The voice named Six, is some unexplained form is the best way I can say it. I'm still not sure what he is or who he is, what's his purpose and what's his interest in Corbin? All bunch of questions that still leaves me in thoughts

Towards the end of the book, something happens Corbin she gets lost into her own delusional/hallucinations state and then the Voice is near but sounds more real than a mist of a form that leaves behind black feathers. 

I give this 4 Cat Paws Up,  I like the weirdly factor Nikki put into this book. 

Here's a couple Teasers of The Crow Box

Convinced? Then Go Enter! 

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