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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Post NaNo

Hi everyone!

Sorry I haven't been around, blogging is my least priority nowadays and reading is light to almost nonexistence. Anyways I participated in NaNo this year for the 2nd time, my first attempt was back in 2013 but I never even got started.

This year I had a reason to complete NaNo, is so that I finally completed my Fan Fic story of a character from Kristin Miller's Seattle Pack world. Now that it's compelted, I'm slowly uploading the chapters on WattPad for readers to read it.

Now who the character you ask?
Well it's one that I've spoken to Kristin herself about, the BIG BAD Brother, yes I am talking about Silas Wilder. After Gone with the wolf, Drake and Emelia's story ended but they made a few appearance in the next few books in the Seattle pack series but Silas simply just disappeared so what really happen after he was arrest for the attempted murder of his brother and luminary?

That's is where I come in! I told her that Silas needed to have a story but she couldn't come up with one so I ended up taking the rein in creating Silas's story.

I've already knew what the title was going to be it was that simple enough but it was the matter of creating a foundation around a guy so cold that he would kill his own brother to get what he wants. Then I had to find a character that would soften Silas's side and that's where Chloe comes in.

The Title 
"Taming the Big Bad Wolf" 

 Taming the Big Bad Wolf


An Fan-Fictional story of the villain in Kristin Miller's Seattle Wolf Pack series book Gone with the Wolf. 

He's was determine to take over the Seattle pack, he was going to take it by whatever means necessary. When his twin brother finds his luminary first the deal had already been sealed, Drake Wilder was now Alpha of the Seattle pack. 

Silas Wilder cross the line when he threaten to kill his brother luminary as well as him, and he nearly succeed but he was unexpectedly weaken by his brother's luminary powerful stance and reinforcement came along and hauls him out. 

Sentence to confinement, Silas had no hope of getting out . . . until now. 

Chloe Reed just got dumped . . . Frustrated with men and relationships, she decided to head off to Seattle to visit her cousin. 

Hoping that a change of scenery would help get her mind off her recent breakup, on her first outing she meet an mysterious yet intriguing man named Silas. For some reasons she is drawn to him. 

 Silas may have learned an awful truth and an conspiracy in the works, but he can't risk leaving Chloe behind but can he risk going against his brother once again? 

Or will he lose the true value of what it mean cherish to have what's in front of you? 

For both Silas and Chloe there's a risk, can Chloe tame Silas? 

Or will Silas still aim for his goal?

here's the link to the story: https://www.wattpad.com/myworks/55947728-taming-the-big-bad-wolf

Length: 23 Chapters (including a prologue and Epilogue)
Word Count: 50,111

I really enjoyed writing this story, now note I do try to self edit before uploading. Since it's really just fan fic that I'm not too worried about the grammar errors although I did check it with my word doc spell check and grammar check. 

I hope you guys also enjoy the story as well!


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