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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Book Review: Thirty-Five & a Half Conspiracies

Thirty-Five and a Half Conspiracies (Rose Gardner #8) by Denise Grover Swank 

Thirty-Five and a Half ConspiraciesBook eight in the New York Times and USA Today bestselling Rose Gardner Mystery series.

Rose Gardner has survived plenty of close scrapes in the past, but her latest bit of trouble has landed her in the Fenton County holding cell on trumped up charges. The most powerful man in southern Arkansas, J.R. Simmons, is determined to put her behind bars for good and destroy everything she holds dear, including her boyfriend, Mason, and her friend Skeeter, reigning king of the Fenton County crime world. In a stunning betrayal, it seems as if J.R.’s son, Rose’s ex-boyfriend, might have turned tail and joined his father.

But Rose doesn’t have to face this fight alone. Her tight-knit group of friends is dedicated to helping her figure out—and foil—J.R.’s plan for ruining her, Mason, and Skeeter. But even with their support and the use of her special power, Rose is at a disadvantage. J.R. is a criminal mastermind who has been using his money, power, and web of influence to hide his conspiracies for years. How can she hope to find solid evidence implicating someone who’s mastered the art of not getting caught?

Time is running out, and soon Rose realizes that reassuming her role of the Lady in Black might be her only chance at ferreting out the evidence that will save them all. In so doing, she will risk not only her life, but the possibility that her secret identity will be unveiled to all. 

Released November 3rd, 2015

35 and a Half Conspiracies delivers the most mysterious of mystery in the Rose Gardner series.

Who's conspiracy who's?

The fate lies with the Lady in Black but doesn't it also lies within Rose as well.

With a power struggle on the rise and all hell is about to break loose, can Rose protect her identity as the Lady in Black but also the people she loves?

Or will Rose be force to make a decision that may change her life as well the relationships she has with her love ones.

PURRRECT!!!!! I'd seriously have to give this one PURRFECTIONS, I have never been so in gasp in worry about something terribly happening. Thirty-Five push limits of all limits, now we must wait until May to see what follows next. 

MEOW . . . MEOW . . . MEOW
When we left 34 Rose was being hauled away to jail . . . Now she must stand trials for the false evidence that J.R. Simmons has placed on her. 

Mason is probably facing his worst fears in this book, the thought of losing Rose makes him sick. He felt that he failed to protect her from JR Simmons once JR had let the fabricated evidences surfaced. 

For the Team Joe fans; Joe had stepped on too many toes and did too many thy bidden, while later on in the book he surfaced again with the true purpose of protecting Rose. It might be too late. 

As far as for Joe's sister Kate, she is enigmatic or mysterious so to speak. I have no idea where her loyalties lies. Is she working alone or is she working for someone else that is not her father? 

Rose's LADY IN BLACK identity is at risk, but when Rose is being Frame by the orders of JR Simmons. She REFUSED to stand down. I admire Rose's strength and courage in this book, however I worried that she was going a little too far and not think about the repercussion of the after math. 

For Team Mason Fans: Better have a box of Kleenex next to you. Some part are happy, even one got me jumping in cheers but . . . . I'll just leave it at that.  

For Neely Kate Fans: She is such a tongue-twister! I did not expect that from her or her other secret of secrets. While Neely Kate knows about Rose being the Lady in Black, but what I did not expect her plan if things started to go down. She's an sneaking spy. 

The other thing about that Journal that Rose had in 34 and Joe took it? Well that was rarely brought up but I guess with all the things going on that maybe Denise just couldn't do it all in this book. The other thing that was sparsely left out was Hilary's pregnancy and all the crazy ideas we readers have. there's no confirmation on is it Joe's or is it JR's?


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