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Thursday, October 29, 2015

32 & a Half Complications

Thirty-Two and a Half Complications (Rose Gardner #5) 

by Denise Grover Swank 

Thirty-Two and a Half Complications (Rose Gardner, #5)The fifth book in the USA Today Bestselling Rose Gardner Mystery series.

There’s no denying trouble finds Rose Gardner like a divining rod finds water, especially when Rose lands in the middle of a bank robbery. But after the robbers steal her deposit bag—containing a large amount of cash—she soon finds out that trouble is threatening her business as well, thanks to her sister Violet’s financial mismanagement.

To top it off, Rose’s ex-boyfriend, Joe Simmons, has moved back to Henryetta to fill the chief deputy sheriff position. Rose’s involvement as a witness is the perfect opportunity for Joe to reinsert himself into her life. But Mason Deveraux, Fenton County Assistant District Attorney and Rose’s new boyfriend, has waited too long for Rose to give her up without a fight.

Rose’s pregnant best friend, Neely Kate, suggests they find the robbers using Rose’s visions and Neely Kate’s knowledge about everyone in town. The women are soon hot on the trail of the stolen money, but Rose is caught off guard when Neely Kate’s snoopiness detects the biggest complication of all: Rose might be expecting a baby of her own.
Kindle Edition, 350 pages

Published June 24th 2014 by DGS 

Things are heating up in Rose Gardner's life . . . her new relationship with Mason is fast-growing but is it too fast? 

Thievery! Thievery! Thievery! 

With a loss of money might put Rose's and Violet's business out of business before it can flourish. 
Rose will do anything to get her money back but how far is she willing to go? 

Things just might put Rose in the face of dangers, how about helping Skeeter Malcom? 
I give this 4.5 cats Tails Up, the dynamics in Rose's life is giving her her own voice, she's truly growing into the person she needs to be. 

Meow . . . Meow . . . Meow 
WARNING there might be spoilers. 
Rose is starting her new life at her mother's now hers farmhouse, and honestly I'm so happy that Rose is starting off new in this book. Yes she is still dealing with some sort of guilt about her and Joe but the reality was what Rose was getting from Joe was not all 100% genuine even though Joe said it was. 

Joe is too conflicted with his father and the political power he has, but with his on and off again fling with Hilary that makes even more tough to actually trust Joe's words. But now Joe is the new sheriff of Henryetta county and he's willing to do ANYTHING to try and win Rose back. 

Mason and Rose romance just keeps getting hotter!!!! Mason fits right in with Rose life and he truly does love Rose even when he tends to be overprotective. He knows not to hold her back but he also knows that Rose ends up digging for trouble which drives him crazy. 

Rose and Violet shop are in dangers of bankruptcy or very deep in debt, but with a bank robbing that Rose got stuck in the middle of it all lost the money that would keep everything afloat. Unsure of what to do she turns to Bruce who might be able to help her, all Rose want is her money back but first she must help the new mob King Skeeter Malcolm to find out who is plotting to kill him. 

Aside from family and a few selected friends, Rose never shares that she gets visions but a little slip of the tongue by Bruce Wayne now makes Skeeter want Rose to work for him in return to get her money back that was stolen. But Skeeter asked Rose for a vision to make sure that she's legit and Rose ends up seeing and experience something she never had before. 

However helping out a mob king isn't the least of her problems, she also might be expecting which is too fast in her brand new relationship with Mason. 

The new adventure Rose's life I believe are just starting and I can't wait to read more! 


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