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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Top 10 Tuesday

Top 10 Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and Bookish, today topic is Top Ten Books I'd Love To See As Movies/Tv Shows.

This is extremly hard because there's so many books that I have read and all of them could be contenders for Movie/TV shows.

1. Soul Screamers Series 
It would probably be better off doing it as a TV show unless the producers can find a way to fit 300+ into 120 pages which is the max for when converting a book into a movie. The journey that Kaylee had to go through during her High School life had a lot of ups and downs, and learning about something she never knew but had always thought that she was crazy with her panic attack.

2. The Naturals 
Honestly I love this series although there's only two books so far, it's a crime/thriller/paranormal book and I tend to do like some crime/thrillers shows. This series could go on forever since there's really no ending of this series, so which way would it be? Most likely a TV show because you can come up with different plots and if it were to be a Movie, you're really narrowed down to just what the book plot is with no expansion.

3. Fire and Blood series
MOVIE . . . Enough said

4. Lux Series
I know it's in the works for a Movie and I agree with it being a Movie AS LONG THEY DON"T FREAKING MESS IT UP!

5. The Selection Series
It was option for a TV show on CW but didn't get the green light for a first season and I think I know why proabaly because they also have presented Reign as a TB show as well and that one won in favor

6. The Rose Gardner Series
TV SHOW!!!! that way everything goes at its own pace rather than forced during the movie.

7. Shfiters Series
I don't know which way i would want it, maybe movie or maybe TV show. I just don't know. 

8. The Depossessed series
It can go either way . . . but it would probably rave better as a movie but Gargoyles was a TV show and a MOVIE before it really went into an TV show. So would you want to see Gargoyles on the big screen? Me personally YES.

9. Pushing the Limits Series
I can't make up my mind on TV or Movie . . . each book is different

10. A Wicked Saga
Definitely a TV show . . . but it could face competition with the other shows set in New Orleans.


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