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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The Cat's Meow: Mail Mices

We have Mail Mices!

I wanted to share with you some of my Mail mices that I've gotten the past few days, one was from Mindy Ruiz author of Enchanted Heart and the second was Chloe Neill author of Chicagoland vampires. 
Both mail mices came in large sizes, from a brown package to a large white tube . . . Yes a large white tube I wondering the same thing. 
Mindy Ruiz
I had won one of the prizes from Mindy Ruiz Enchanted Heart Book/Blog tour awhile ago and it wasn't the grand prize of cash prizes for Vegas since the book is taken place in Vegas. But here's a photo of what I won . . .

Prizes includes:
Water bottle with a pair of dices design and Mindy Ruiz's name
Key Chains of each house with poker chip
Two pins that says "Keep Calm and Date a Royal"
A Poker chip with an heart in the center
a Stick to place on a phone, it's has a heart shape diamond necklace
A Thank you card with an apology about a "Lost Prize" so that's where $10 Amazon Gift Card comes in
And last but not least
A Signed Book! 

Chloe Neill
Next is Chloe Neill prizes, how I came to win this prize was by a FB contest for Who should play the Characters . . . this one was for Ethan Sullivan. 
Now to be completely honest, I haven't read the books yet but picking a person to portray a character wasn't hard . . . so I went with Channing Tatum in a suit 


Prizes included:
A large Poster that you would see at a signing if the author was going to be present at a bookstore, she also signed it as well.
6 bookmarks consist of some chicagoland vampirs and her Elite series
Two little business cards both very different
A Cadogon  House Lanry 
A Cadogon House key chain (it's heavy!!!!) 
A button 
and a pen with Chicagoland vampires written on it


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