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Monday, September 1, 2014

The Cat's Meow: Hiatus part 2

Yes I'm still putting myself on a hitaus but I wanted to put in a few extras words . . .

So I've been a Pinterest member since last year about? And I always get my inspirations for my books ideas and while it may revealed what some of my books are about or what is the setting, I'm okay with that. 

The one Pinterest board that I want to speak about is my Challenges, it a complie of photography and writing. I know some say to do a day by day photography but when I do these challenges I want my canon and not my phone. 

I'm also still debating on which book journal I should use for my writing challenges, since I'll be busy in school I want to make sure that I add a little time for myself as a creative person since I would be working on any of my books. 

I highly doubt that I'll be picking up a book anytime soon, I'm still in a book slump but that why starting school was a perfect timing. 

As far my jewlery plans goes, I'm still figuring that out but I've come to realize that I can only devote one necklace per weekend. The bead works is a lot and the time to physically to sit down for one hour to make one jewlery is a lot. 

It's one thing where I'm patient on things because I've learned to be patient but then there's things where I wish it was automatic. And then comes the descisve thinking about doing this one way or another way, I've grown descisve a little especially when it comes to craft because I want to stand by my products and succeed successfully. 

I'll be sure to share anything from my writing challenges and photography challenge when it comes but it won't be here but maybe on my tumblir although I rarely use it. Or on my google+ or bloglovin (you can do posts on bloglovin right?). 

I'll try to stay more active on twitter, I know I've been a quiet Cat but it simply the fact that I can't be on my phone in school and I'm always walking to my next class or to my car to the point where I don't look at my phone until I get home but then I need to plug it in. 

So meow for now, I'll try to post any mouse watches or any book releases blitz that I sign up for since it down to just copying and pasting a post and be done rather than the time I do spend on my posts. 


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