"You Can Never Have Too Many Books"

Thursday, January 9, 2014

SassyCat Book Blogger: Day Ten

New things for SassyCat's Books Review, you know I haven't really thought about what New things I could bring for SassyCat. I mean I still have to celebrate my one year blogaversary in late February but I'll be setting as the date of March 1st. Just because around the time I created it, I was going through some health issues and hadn't focused on SassyCat or done much blogging.

One of the new things I could do is GIVEAWAYS, I've done one but somehow it fails to come through . . . The winner never reply back to me and she was the only one that was on the rafflecopter. Like I said it was a fail.

Do more meme? Well I don't know what else to add, I got my Book Releases, Mouse Watches, The Cat's Meow (the newly edition of SassyCat Blogger Times). I like how Fikshun does her Rambling post and topic discussions but I'm leaving that to her.

SassyCat's Books Review FB Page
Create a Facebook page, I've realizes that a lot of followers does that and honestly it should scream inside my head on how easy it will be and you won't overflow your personal facebook. But I'm still hesistant, I don't have the "Image" for SassyCat and I don't have an avatar to use as the profile picture. There's a lot of thoughts into this and I'm not where I want to be as far appearances goes.

Plus I was an Admin for other page for my local area that I decided to shut it down because the page lost a lot of viewers and no one was ever going on it. So I wanted to end that page before I went to open another page.

Use Booklikes
Actually when I signed up for Booklikes and had my books all in sync, I ended up with doubles or missing a third of my books And why are there no apps? While I am on my laptop sometimes late at night I'm on my Ipad and uses my blogger app to write a post or go on goodread app to update a book progress. 

I can't really think of anything else that would be something new to SassyCat, but after all she still need to get to her first Blogaversay before anything else comes. 
So how about you?


  1. I decided to delete the Facebook page for my blog, and create a profile for my "online personna" so to speak. I don't automatically share blog updates, but I find a way to incorporate it into a status update. Like - my thoughts on whatever book as I do reviews etc.

    Tanya Patrice