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Monday, January 6, 2014

SassyCat Book Blogger: Day Seven

Blogger's pet pevees, you know when I think about pet pevees I come up at a blank because I don't really create a list of pet pevees. Either I'll awknowlegde things i don't like or just keep it to myself. 
But as a blogger there wasn't much to really complain until I thought about it and thought back to some things that authors and bloggers shared because it was disheartening. 

Here's some of mine pet pevees 

Blogger slam down: meaning when a blogger slam down a book declaring a hatered to the book. 
Yes sometimes you might not like a book but to go out publicity on Amazon, Barnes & Novle, Goodreads, etcs. You're creating a bad rep for the book and to the author. 

Yes you are entitled to you own opinion but filtered the hate, simply just explain what part of it didn't you like. Was it the character? Or plot? Authors can't change what's already out there but maybe they can take suggestions. 

Yes I know MOST authors don't go read reviews, but every once in awhile they do but they also take the hardest critique from their critique partners/ beta readers and agents. 

Author Slam Down: meaning when an Author slams down on bloggers for giving a bad review when expect to have the perfect score. 
Authors you ask us to review your books as honestly as we can, not to sugarcoat it. If you wanted it sugarcoated then we could have easy read other reviews by other readers that say this or that, but in my opinion that plagiarizing from other bloggers. 

You expect everyone to love your books, well if that was the case then we all would be doing the same job, giving false opinions. We bloggers take out reviews seriously, we spend hours maybe even days sitting at out blank post that soon will be full of words about a book we read   

However we act professional as well, this is our blog we are putting out there along with a reputation. If you spread bad reps about us then we are more than liket to feel discourage about something we love doing. 

Blogger attack: meaning when a blogger attack an author
Unfornately I saw this happen with one of my favorite authors, a blogger tweet a message saying she got he upcoming book in the store although the book wasn't schedule to be released yet for anothe week or so. But this blogger has forcibly attack the author because of misunderstanding, the author wasn't aware that her book had made a shelf yet and while she wa happy that a reader wa going to be reason her book it turned ugly. 

The reader went to goodreads as started attacking all of her books and saying that she would never read anything by her again. I thought this is nuts! There wa no reason to go and do that, the author only asked a simple question and the reader took it as offensive. 

Authors have feeling too you know and they work hard on their books and then everything kind of revert back to my Blogger Slam Down definition. 
It just broke my heart to see an author be attack verbally through the internet. 

Well I think that all I can think of for pet pevees, like I said I don't really have a list just some opinions and dislikes. 


  1. #3 It's crazy when simple mistakes get blown out of proportion like that. I've learned just to avoid anyone in that "crowd". I don't want to support people looking to start trouble.