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Saturday, December 28, 2013

SassyCat's Birthday!!

Hey everyone it's Lumiere! and he has a message for you all!!!!
Wish SassyCat a Happy Birthday!!!!

Kat is celebrating today with friends and family, and enjoying her new gifts and pretties from Christmas. If you're wondering about her age, I'm sure she's anywhere between 22-28 but she won't share unless she accidentally slip up on her twitter page.

So be sure to leave a comment or tweet to her @KatN21 wishing her happy birthday!

Here's are some memorable birthday of the past for Kat,

1. Getting my Laptop (Yep that was the best thing I could asked for as a teenager) my laptop actually taught me how to type rather that all the torturous keyboarding classes I had in middle school and elementary.

2. Turning 21 was a big thing, although having a glass of wine or a bottle of beer is just enough for one night

3. My Canon T3i Rebel camera! I've been looking at cameras since forever and I really wanted one that had a lot of great features. Now I might decide to do something as a self-business but we will see :-)

4. When I was little I had a birthday party at McDonalds with some of my childhood friends, that day was fun! Oh also at an arcade gaming center :-)

5. My parents made me a scooby-doo cake theme one year and a two tier cake (per my request) another year.  But now I'm all for cupcakes now :-)

But the most important thing of all is having my family and friends with me to help celebrate another year of being older. 


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