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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Blogger Times: SassyCat Purring Moments

Do you hear that loud purring noise? That's the sound of a very happy cat, as for me I am extremely happy. Why? Well you know it can only mean a few things but I won't keep you guessing.
Follow the paws trails.

A very big package

Black is the new color

AH! My Hoodie of Steel Lily: The Periodic Series

Paperback copy has never been so beautiful

You never know . . . you never know
So this is a clue to all you followers of my blog or twitter, I am a writer and when the time is right I will be able to share what I've written. Also the UtopYa Con is still in talk, but I'm hoping (crossing my fingers) that I'll get to go and meet some of those fabulous writers/bloggers/editors . . .


A message on a bookmark
Aw Megan you are truly a wonderful writer and I love being your biggest supporter along your journey of writing. I sure hope that when it comes time where I join the author train, you'll do the same.

Now it time to celebrate with a sweet cupcake
So yes SassyCat is extremely happy and satisfied so what are you waiting for and are you just waiting to share your excitement?


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