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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Shop for Books: Day Six

It's Day Six of the 15 Days Book Blogger Challenge, and I must say it is really taking off! April of Good Books and Good Wine, brought this idea to the blogosphere and I'm sure she'd never expected it to be so huge!
15 Day Book Blogger Challenge | Good Books And Good Wine

Well Today topic is on How I shop for books . . .

It is based on many things,

Am I looking for a good deal?
Not always, but it is nice to get a good deal out of a book, check out my next question and answer

Did I find a good deal?
My recent purchase of The Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare was marked down to 34% which made it 12.45 and then I used a 20% off one item for the 4th of July weekend and it was marked down to 9.76. Note that The Clockwork Princess was originally 19.99. SO Yes I did make a good deal on a hardcover copy

How badly do I want this book?
Sometimes I'll look at a book and say Boy I really want that, but just how badly do I want it? I had a time where I knew a particular book was being republished for paperback but I really like the hardcover version and I knew that Fiktshun was doing a giveaway of the exact same book that I desired. Ironically I won that book and I never had to go and buy that book, but now the task remains . . . I still have to read it!

It what's everyone buzzing about!
Yes I will often time buy a book that's everyone is buzzing about, like The Beautiful and the Cursed by Page Morgan. I've heard about it and looked up on it and it sounded pretty good but I had to wait until I could actually buy the book. Also I take by time purchasing a book that people are buzzing about because either A) I have a different book in mind or B) I can wait its no big deal.

Has it been on my TBR pile too long?
My TBR pile keeps on growing! like madly growing and I say if I'd owned all of those TBR pile, my room would be a disaster!! Books everywhere which isn't a big issue for me ;-) So sometimes I will buy books that been on my TBR pile.

Online or In-Stores?
It's varies, my local bookstore doesn't always have what I'm looking for so I turn to Barnes and Noble online. Then other times when I'm traveling I have to stop at a Barnes and Noble because it just more fun and you almost always see what theirs new books additions. Trust me I'd probably visited about 10 different Barnes and Noble stores.

So here's where Online comes into play, if the book isn't at the store and it hasn't been in awhile it won't be in the store ever based on when it was published. So I will order it off on Barnes and Noble and happily wait for it to arrive at my house. Other times I will order a book that is coming out through Barnes and Noble because I get it much quicker or eariler than my store would.

Well that is how I shop for books . . . it's a lot to think about right?


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