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Friday, July 19, 2013

Blogger Fatigue: Day Twelve

It's day Twelve of the 15 Days Book Blogger Challenge, again thanks April of Good Book and Good Wine for bring this and we are just loving it! But what I'm not loving is this heat wave! I don't live in a world of AC so I have to leave my house to go take comfort somewhere else.

So today topic is how do we fight blogger fatigue? 

15 Day Book Blogger Challenge | Good Books And Good Wine

While I love blogging all the time, sometimes I get fatigue from it . . . I deal with these thoughts

I have nothing fresh or new, this is something that I always kick myself in the head with. I always had that fear of I wouldn't be able to keep my readers interested or they lose the interest in me. But I should know by now that I should blog what I know and love to do and not worry about the popularity I gained/lost. Plus I should blog when I can, while I do blog regularly but sometimes life's get in the way.

My reviews are taking longer to post, yes while I read and read books . . . reviewing is a whole other thing where I have to go back skim through that book and through my notes. Reviewing for me involves writing a review without spoilers and then ramble where there is spoilers. But I want to try and make my reviews better and without spoilers.

Eye strained, yes I get this every once in awhile because I'm constantly on my laptop and typing or searching or doing my social stuff. Then my poor eyes are strained and I have to close my laptop. What people don't know is that I am only able to see out of my right eye because of a virus that I've gotten at a very young age where my vision in my left eye was affect and left me with a weaker vision(very weak) and in order for me to do any "seeing" out of my left eye I have to complete shut my right eye. So everything I do and see is out of my right vision. So you can imagine that I can get eye strain much easier.

Some days I just want to read! If there's a time where I'm doing so much blogging that all I want to do is read then I will step away and go enjoy a book. Plus I had this book on my TBR pile for too long and I really want to read it.

So how do I fight Blogging Fatigue?

  • Step away from the laptop!
  • Go read a book!
  • Listen to music
  • Go on Twitter/Facebook/Goodreads
  • Upload stuff to my laptop (I do photography so I often time put pictures on my computer and then do with what I want with them)
  • I watch one of my TV shows
  • Go to the gym
  • Write for enjoyment 


  1. When I feel the blogger fatigue I also put away all books and just watch movies or my favorite TV shows. Often, they get me so excited again that I come back to blogging refreshed and excited to share my thoughts with my readers again :))