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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Bedtime Reading Ritual: Day Two

What my Bedtime Reading Ritual?
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I don't have a definite bedtime ritual because it is always different every night. sometimes I watch a movie, I type, or I read. But all in one I do listen to music . . . that is the only thing that will be the same.
It really depends on my mood of reading . . .

I can do it two ways, choose a book that is on my current read or read a couple scenes from a book I've already read.

These are the books that I keep by my bedside (My headboard is a mini shelf), here's a few reason why . . .one I love the series and the author's writing. Some are books I have stack there that need review or they are simply just there.

Yes I do use a flashlight, since almost all book light fails to help me . . .

If I am reading a new book, I will only read so many chapters unless its a really good book that I can't possibly put down (yes I have dealt with lack of sleep many times)

If I am reading a scene from one of those lovely books by my beside, I'll pick and choose which one then I'll go to a scene I have a folded corner (yes I am one of those people sorry) but I can do it to these books because I'll get another set of copies that are not cornered.

Sometimes I will read books on the Ipad but the screen is bright and I get those night bugs YUCK! Other times the book I read on the Ipad are guilty pleasure books, shh its a secret.

Now if you asked "Have you ever fallen asleep reading?" The answer is no but I have been on my Ipad writing and fallen asleep or have forgotten to plug it in or turn it off . . . OOPS.

Here another question you may asked "How can you remember something you read the previously night?" I don't know how to explain it but I have a fond memory and I simple just continue reading the very next day. It's the same thing with reading multiple books at the same times how do you part them? I am just able to part two and two.
Check back for Day Three!
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