"You Can Never Have Too Many Books"

Monday, July 8, 2013

15 Days Book Blogger Challenge: Day One

This sounds really awesome when I saw Rachel from Fiktshun Day One challenge, then I went to April of Good Nooks & Good Wine to find out more. So let's get my 15 book-related confessions, there may be some shocking ones. Check it out HERE:

15 Book-related Confessions 
I think I'll start with the kicker . . .
1. I've never like books, yes you heard me NEVER you couldn't get me to pick up a book unless it was a required read for school. But come around my senior year I read the Twilight series then in Christmas 2009 I got the biggest book load a girl could ask for. Boom! My love for books has grown.

2. If I started buying a series in hardcover then I will buy the whole thing in hardcovers, while some I don't have a choice to buy its first edition because its been out for awhile.

3. I typically will not read recent buys books or gifted because I have so many others that are on the top of my TBR.

4. I'll buy two versions of the same books, and maybe even possibly a third one. I would buy a newly fresh set for my well read books that suffers creases in the bindings and I'm making it to a point to buy those pretty foreign editions books.

5. I will typically buy a book that is on the buzz, that everyone on twitter/Facebook/or blog are talking about but that doesn't mean I'll read it right away.

6. I won't ever lend out, I have a thing where these books are my prized possessions and even if the person says "I'll take care of it really well" scoffed I still won't lend it out. I pay for this book and I have the tendency to misplace stuff so the last thing I want is to misplace one of my favorite book. I will however possibly lend it out to my other half that loves book just as well I do, so ill trust her.

7. I'll read just about any YA romance, I don't have a relationship at the moment so I turn to these fictional characters who are in a relationship.

8. I'd much rather have series rather than stand-alone, series are just more funner and thrilling, plus you get to read the ups and downs then the happily ever afters

9. I'll buy print formats than ebooks, while I do have ebooks on my iPad I like the paper form and my greatest fear is that my children or their children won't know what a paper format feels and looks like. 

10. My TBR pile will forever keep growing, I'm seriously the way I read books based on pace it could take 2-3 days before finishing it. Then I have to battle it out with what book to read next, somethings ill just pick a book out by its cover or by authors twitter feed on writing their second or third book

11. I've been at three author events, two was by the same author. I am making it a goal to attend those books expos and authors events more but I need them to come to Minnesota for me to attend. 

12. I'm aiming for signed books for my signed books collections,who knows maybe they'll mean something in the future. But that would mean I'd be giving them away which is not likely. 

13. I'll do more online shopping at Barnes & Noble than purchasing at my store, my store always disappoints me just about every time I go there because they don't have a book I'm looking for. 

14. I have one bookshelf, ONE!!! Then I have four miniature crates, a large crate, books stacked on a sewing machine that has a flat surface, the I've saved B&N shipment boxes that has mass paperback books

15. Movie VS. Book, I'm between the medium. If I have read the book before the movie ill either be extremely satisfied or completely unsatisfied. Like HP #5 I was very disappointed and couldn't finished the entire book because of the movie.  

There you have it! my book confessions and while I may have other confessions, its not a bad thing to keep that to yourself.


  1. 8,12,14 I relate to a lot! I have read a few awesome stand-a-lones and then I am bummed there is nothing else. I found fan fiction that way actually. I was depressed at the end of Breaking Dawn (my YA Gateway Drug too) I looked for good stories and found an awesome FF book a gal wrote I bought from create space or lulu.
    I'd LOVE to have a signed collection. At least 1 from all my fave authors. I'd LOVE to have a first edition, flawless, copy of The Shining signed by King himself. The Shining is my FAVE scary movie and scary book.
    I have one book shelf too. My poor, poor, books are in suitcases, crates, etc. Its funny, but its not. lolz.
    I love your list :)

    1. Oh thanks! I was hoping I wasn't the only person with one bookshelf and have to use crates as my other option in the book world. I wish I could be all in glory in heaven with my signed books but still the problem is one shelf!!!! But when I have my own place, with an Office(please) it will be filled with books like a library and people are going to see just how much I love Books!!!!! - SassyCat's Books Review

  2. I totally hear you on number 6. I lend out, but only to my close friends and even then I don't always get them back in one piece. I recently lent one to my daughters preschool teacher, she was bugging me every morning for a book to read. So I brought it in, a couple months later I remembered and I asked her what she thought of it. She swears I never gave it to her. I was livid, and of course bought a new copy. Won't be lending to her again.

  3. I also don't lend out!! My books are like children to me hahaha I am to afraid to lend them out!!!

    I also prefer print version vs ebook