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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Armchair BEA Day 6: Wrap ups

The time for BEA 2013 has come to an end, and I must say this was a great experience for me as a blogger.

I must say I'm sad that this is over, but I'm more excited for next year because I'll be one year older and wiser and it will be SassyCat's Books Review one year blogiversary.

So what did I learn from this experience?
I learned about a lot of things, but really it was the experience that I've gained perspective. I may not be able to do many travels as a blogger attending major events but I can do stuff online.

My favorite discuss topic?
Introduction was a huge thing for me, I could finally talk about my blog!

The Genre fiction was by far my favorite to discuss because I could share the love I have for YA fictions and what books I absolutely loves. 

The blogger development was especially hard for me because I'm just in my fourth month of blogging on SassyCat's Review, but I gave my transitions from wordpress to blogger and why I did it.

New Ideas for the future?
I didn't think of any until it was brought up in the late last night twitter chat, there were definitely suggestions and I believe we'll come up with more as the year goes on until the next BEA.

I don't want to say this and that idea until I have thought it all out and kind of give a slight proposal of these ideas that could be used for next year.

One topic was Books to Movie adaptions. What were our favorites and what ones weren't the greatest.

Some of mine favorites were the Harry Potter films although I haven't read Book 7 and I was not pleased on how they did Book 5. I'm very excited to see how TMI: City of Bones will meet up to the fans expectation, I think they picked the perfect cast now it the matter of bringing that world to life.

I want to thanks Armchair BEA gals for hosting this event and giving them credits for their hard work.


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