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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Book Review: The Daughters of Maine

The Daughters of Maine (Witches of BlackBrook #2) By Tish Thawer

The Daughters of Maine (Witches of BlackBrook, #2)

Through space and time, sisters entwined. Lost then found, souls remain bound.

After being reunited in the present day, three sister witches are forced to separate once more in an effort to save their newly formed coven and themselves.

Foes from their past now threaten their future, and a trip that spans centuries is their only hope of survival. Chasing their enemy back through time seems like the right choice, but will walking in the footsteps of their previous lives provide the answers they seek?

Only time will tell.

A Witches of BlackBrook novel
Published March 7th 2017 by Amber Leaf Publishing

MEOW . . . MEOW . . . MEOW
I was SO SO excited that TIsh went on to write another book! I have always felt that the Witches of Blackbrook's journey was not over yet. The Sisters have finally been reunited but now there's something that is unbalance. The magic is disrupted.

The sisters have finally and truly found each other after years and time have passed. They thought they defeated the great evil but now things from their past lives are starting to turn up. I LOVE what Tish did by bringing in a little ancestry to this book, it seems that everyone nowadays are searching their ancestors (Believe I am one of them). It was neat to see who the sisters were in the past when they were apart, to see what kind of life they each lived. They almost basically have the 9 Live of Cat years.

But I guess now from this book, we're heavily focused on Trin only because of how the first book was laid out. If you haven't read the first book, then you probably shouldn't be reading this review.

This time we're focusing on seeing these sisters try to reform their bond, after so many life years apart. It's clear that it's a learning curve until Trin's premonition grows darks, heeding a warning. The warnings of the past, including the great evil.

They learn that the evil is seeking a way to obtain it's magic again but also try to banish the sisters' magic. How to do that? Go back in time.

But going back in time, reveals secrets and reveals loop holes that could change everything in the present. Can Trin, Caris and Kennedy save their pasts or will the pasts get to them?

I give this 5 Cat Paws, Truly this was an amazing book, I am thrilled that this book came out and that I had the chance to read it. I can't wait for the next book.

"Through space and time, sisters entwined. Lost then found, souls remain bound."


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