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Monday, November 28, 2016

Book Review: Family Jewels

Family Jewels (A Rose Gardner Investigation #1) By Denise Grover Swank

Family Jewels (Rose Gardner Investigations, #1)
The first book in the Rose Gardner Investigation series, a spinoff of the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today best selling Rose Gardner Mystery series.

Trouble always comes to those who court it. Rose Gardner’s ability to see glimpses of the future has gotten her into hot water time and again, but so have her curiosity and her sense of daring. Those very qualities helped her defeat the most powerful man in Arkansas—a man so adept at hiding his crimes there was no way to defeat him inside of the law—but her success came at a steep personal price. Now she’s throwing herself into her landscaping business, trying to live a life that’s as orderly as one of her gardens.

Rose’s best friend, Neely Kate, is struggling with her own losses, so when she suggests they help a local man find a missing necklace, Rose agrees. It’ll give both of them a welcome distraction, and besides, it’s a simple investigation. What harm could befall them? But things that should be simple rarely are. In seeking out the necklace, Rose and Neely Kate find themselves in the thick of a power struggle in the Fenton County underworld, one that could dethrone Rose’s friend James Malcolm, the surprisingly moral king.

The last thing Rose should do is court more trouble, but she’s not the type to step away from a friend in need—and she’s also not so sure she wants an orderly life.

Expected publication: November 29th 2016 by DGS

MEOW . . . MEOW . . . MEOW

HOW EXCITING!!!! I'm an die hard fan of the series when it was formerly known as the Rose Gardner Mysteries. But now I think this became an more "Mature" book of Rose, sure she's dealing with some nuptials but at the same time she's truly discovering who she is.

But honestly I think when Rose played the role of Lady, I think that is her persona, she just has to find a way to bring Lady into the daytime.

It seems that both Neely Kate and Rose are trying to move on, but the past always seems to come up. Now let's talk about Rose's love life, her heart opens up to everyone it's a trait of her and while she not with Mason (anymore) I'm not sure how I feel about the recent romance that stirring.

There was even a moment between her and James Malcolm that was shocked me, I didn't think that there was something more between them. To be honest I'm not sure I want her with Malcolm only because he lives on the side of crimes and her involvement with crimes is what split up her and Mason.  I still hope for a reunion for Mason and Rose,

As far as Neely Kate, she is for sure ready to move on but again she wondered what happen to Ronnie because she's been trying to be officially "divorce" to him but he's disappeared. Did JR Simmons or even Kate Simmons have a role in that?

I like that Neely Kate is wanting to put her and Rose's investigation skills to the test but now the trouble lies where they are being dragged back to Skeeter's world. How can they be consider serious investigators when they are in the world of Skeeter Malcolm.

I'm happy that Joe and Neely Kate finally have a relationship but god darn it JOE!!! WHY do you insisted on keeping things from her?

I give this 5 Cat Paws, as usual I love Rose, now I love her even more with she and Neely Kate being the single women with an "I take no crap from no one" attitude. Can't wait to read the EXPOSE Novellas and the next investigation, maybe Mason will have an appearance?

Strap in your heels, Sparkles Investigation is coming. 

No really I hope Rose can get Neely Kate to come up with something much more serious.


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