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Saturday, January 2, 2016

Where I'll be


I know I lack blogging lately, but sadly that's only going to continue. I'll be back to school in a week and I'll be doing other things where I can't dedicated myself to blogging. Honestly if you want to know the real truth, I haven't enjoyed blogging like I use to before way back when I first started.

I think part of that is that I took blogging way too serious when it doesn't need to be and to find actual time to do blogging is another problem. When I did my last book review of the year, it was surprisingly painless. I could actually put down the words.

Now that could because I love the book or it could be when I started the review, I started it when I was about half way done and then finished it when I finished the book. I think I'll take that approach when I reading books.

I'll try to take part in challenges and participate in blog tours if I am accepted. Otherwise I'll mostly try to read and since I set my reading challenge at 63 books this year. Kara from Great Imagination made me feel kind of not challenging myself so she was doing 125 books and I met her halfway with 63. Now if I fail, I fail but I'll know in the end I'll have read some amazing books.

I'm also pretty absent on Twitter, I got the darn app on my phone/Ipad but either one or the other will get the notifications and not the other when I have set it up to doing on both devices. So I hope to stay in the Twitter universe while I'm gone from blogging because how else will I hear about new books?

Let's Ring In the NEW YEAR!!!!


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