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Saturday, October 3, 2015

Book Review: Falling To Pieces

Falling to Pieces (Rose Gardner #3.5) by Denise Grover Swank

Falling to Pieces (Rose Gardner, #3.5)A serialized novella for the Rose Gardner Mystery series.

When Joe walks out of Rose’s life, she can’t imagine life without him. But with support from her friends—and an unexpected person—Rose finds her way to climb out of her despair.

After his father’s blackmail forces him to leave the love of his life to protect her, Joe is thrown into the race for Arkansas State Senate. But while Rose has people to help her grieve, Joe finds himself completely alone—except the one person he detests is the only person who’s offering comfort

The story takes place between the end of Thirty and a Half Excuses and the beginning of Thirty-One and a Half Regrets. (release January 9, 2014)

The novella will be released to Denise Grover Swank newsletter subscribers to be read for free in three parts: October, November and December.

The novella will be available for sale January, 2014
ebook, Serialized Newsletter Edition, 103 pages
Published January 2014 by Denise Grover Swank (first published November 9th 20

How do you piece up your broken heart?
How do you stand against your family?
The answer . . .

Time and a lot of healing
You don't, you must abide them

Two different path means sacrifice

Read the after math of Rose and Joe's breakup in Falling to Pieces

I give this 4.5 Cats Tails Up, read inbetween the lines.   

MEOW . . .  MEOW . . . MEOW
So honestly I'm still a Team Mason, although picking up the pieces reflects a lot on Joe and his feelings through the whole dinner nightmare ordeal. But Joe will always do what daddy wants him to do.

I like that this novella focus a lot on Joe since we already seen how Rose felt but now we saw the aftermath. Even Violet played a role in trying to protect Rose but Rose makes her own choices and she has to learn from her choices. 

I still can't believe how much JR is such an influence of a lot of Fenton county problems even if it's not stated, he's is the mastermind behind all things. Honestly the Simmons family is as stuck up a rich family can be, if any low class person steps within feet of them they are speck of dirt. 

Needless to say Rose didn't stand a chance and Joe was never going to be able to run his own life.

Rose is very heartbroken, I love how Neely Kate invited her a gathering where she even invited Mason. I love that small interaction they had with one another. I love that Mason was giving Rose space even when Rose thought he was avoiding her but Mason didn't want to push her. 

This novella really showed what was going on after the breakup, now having to have read all the Rose Gardner Series I truly think that Rose will never go back to Joe. Joe probably won't ever be able to get Rose back no matter how hard he tries.

Spoiler thoughts if you haven't read 32, or 33 or even the novella . . . 
And to make note about Hilary baby daddy, I still think JR is the father because when you think of it he could have easily knock her up after Hilary and Joe did it when he was in a drunken state so the fact that who's the father still yet remains a secret and that Hilary won't consent to a paternity test means that she has something to hide.


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