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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Book Review: 31 and a Half Regrets

Thirty-One and a Half Regrets (Rose Gardner #4) 

by Denise Grover Swank  

Thirty-One and a Half Regrets (Rose Gardner, #4) While Rose recovers from a broken heart, she finds herself at odds with her sister—and business partner—Violet. Rose buries herself in her landscaping work, but becomes worried when her employee and friend, Bruce Wayne Decker, goes missing.

In the meantime, Fenton County assistant D.A., Mason Deveraux has been patiently waiting to begin a relationship with Rose, but she realizes she needs to confront the demons of her past before she can embrace a new future. She needs to find out the truth about her birth mother.

But her past isn’t her only demon. An undercurrent of tension has been spreading through Henryetta, Arkansas since drug lord, Daniel Crocker’s arrest six months ago. Still, she’s not prepared for a nightmare come true: Crocker’s escape from prison. Crocker carries a grudge and he’s determined to make Rose pay, but he plays a game of cat and mouse, forcing Mason and the Fenton County Sheriff’s department to hide Rose on her birth mother’s farm. But will it be enough to save her?

Published January 9th 2014 (first published January 4th 2014) 


How do you heal a broken heart?

Rose underwent the biggest and most toughest breakup with Joe, with him not being able to stand up for himself he reverts back to his parents control.

But a broken heart can be mend right? Walks in Mason . . .

But Rose's broken heart isn't the only thing, Daniel Crocker broke out of jail and is on the hunt for Rose. Worry about her safely, she goes into hiding but there's another problem . . . there's a leak in the police department that may get Daniel Crocker closer to Rose then she would like.

Can Rose out run Daniel Crocker? Or will she fail under his trap?

 A new journey awaits for Rose

PURRRFECT! I LOVE LOVE! this book! There was so much growth for Rose and the being on the run while hunted by a psychopath made this book contains so much excitement and changes that it kept me reading it over and over again.

Meow Meow Meow

Poor Rose I just feel so bad for her!!!! However with Mason in the picture I know things just gotta heat up, however how can Rose heal her broken heart if Joe is still protruding in her life? I mean come on Joe! what you did was unacceptable and you basically choose your family over her!!!! 

However Rose is doing her best to not let Joe affect her, even though his father JR planned his whole appearance at the shop for Joe's Campaign and Hilary by his side. But it all for good deed, Violet and Rose will get the financial boost as well the media boost once again.

But Rose's trouble isn't over! Daniel Crockery broke loose out of jail and he is on an hunt. . .for ROSE. To get REVENGE . . .

And to start it off with a bed full of roses . . .


Now Rose must rely on Assistant AD Mason Deveraux for help but also learn a new kind of relationship that she thought she had with Joe but there's more to the fire with Mason.

Okay I'm glad that DGS put Mason and Rose together, I suspected that there was something when Mason was first brought in book two. Now I see after what happen in book 3 why Mason needed to be part of Rose's surrounding . . . To mend her broken heart. Also be her biggest rock to lend on when thing got tough between her and her sister. 

While on the hide from Daniel Crocker, even after close call of Crocker finding her the best place for Rose to hide is at her birth mother's Dora farm house which was left in her will for Rose to have once she was old enough and when Rose decided on if she want to keep the farmhouse or not. 


Yes clearly there are many ways that the farmhouse would look like but really this is how I'd imagine it but it could have looked a little bit more aged. But oh well, I think the farmhouse started to become importance to Rose in more ways than she thought.

Rose digs her birth mother Dora's past while hiding out on the farm with Mason and hiding from the psycho Daniel Crocker. Honestly these two are meant for each other! I can't see Rose ever going back to Joe after being with Mason. He's open with his feelings and would do anything to protect Rose, either from Joe or even from Daniel Crocker.

Can you survive a night out in the wood . . . when a Psychopath is chasing you?


The two end up being on the run from Crocker after Mason's suspicions that there was an insider that was someone working for Crocker. As well a leak in the Fenton Country police system, I have to say for Rose being on the run from a psychopath made her somewhat stronger. But also grew her relationship with Mason even stronger 

 Returning to Reality . . .

I'm not surprise that there was a fall out between Rose and her sister Violet, there's just something about Violet that bothers me. She had always had to be the "BIG Bad Wolf" and simply wouldn't accept the fact that Rose was her own person and was gaining her own Independence even when's Violet's world was crumbling down. Maybe Violet is one of those person that just doesn't really know how to express her thoughts and feeling but also just allowing lies about Rose that just isn't true. NOW that was HURTFUL.

A New beginning is about to start for Rose


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