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Monday, May 11, 2015

Book Review: 30 and a Half Excuses

Thirty and a Half Excuses (Rose Gardner #3) 

by Denise Grover Swank

Thirty and a Half Excuses (Rose Gardner, #3) Life in Henryetta, Arkansas is turned upside down with the arrival of a televangelist, but it’s the death of a little old lady on Rose’s street that catches her attention. The Henryetta police deem her death natural causes, but Rose suspects foul play and so does an unlikely supporter–-the president of the Busy Body Club, her eighty-two year old neighbor Mildred.

But Rose is in the middle of opening her nursery with her sister Violet, who’s separated from her husband Mike, as well as stalling her boyfriend Joe’s family, rich socialites who are determined to meet her. Along with her multiple encounters with Fenton County’s new assistant DA, Mason Deveraux III, it’s just another day in the life of Rose Gardner–-chaos.

Paperback, 352 pages

Published September 10th 2013 by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform 


Ready to start anew, Rose and her sister Violet have decided to open up an landscaping/Nursery shop in hope for a brand new start and new recognition.  

There's a new Reverend in town and with a big media/community followers and being a potential new clinet could that boost up the nursery/landscaping business? Jonah Pruitt believes by bring the Gardner sisters into the fold, the church and the business will be a double threat. 

But is a double Threat too literal?

Now someone is killing old women who are mysteriously turning over their will to the new reverend Jonah, making Jonah an targeted suspect. but he has his eyes on Rose. 

Will she his next victim?  

Rose tries to stay out of trouble but when the killings are happening on her street, she can't help but initiate her own investigation . . . despite Joe and Mason's warnings. 

Rose must figure out the pieces before she becomes the next victim.

I give this an 4 Cat's Tails up, the times are changing for Rose and the stakes are getting higher but whose going to fall through the cracks?

Meow Meow Meow  

I've been putting off this series for so long and now I've finally was able to get the next four books (not Novella included) and I went through this book in one day! 

I know it's been almost exactly a year since I read the second book but I did my best to brush up on what happen I'm not going to waste my meow meow meow listing of what I remember and what I got out of brush up information. 

Rose and Joe, aw those two are hopelessly in love but I happen to notice that Joe is greatly absent in this book because of an undercover stint and he was currently living in Little Rock. Seems odd that he's been so far away and so distance from Rose. 

MASON AND ROSE sitting in a tree . . . . You know what's next
Mason really became more apparent in this book and it's clear as day that he has a total crush on Rose, although Rose is blind because she is with Joe. But I asked myself this "How can she be with Joe, when he's gone all the time?" 

I love how the car dealer quickly thought that Rose and Mason were a couple, I mean come on! The world is screaming at them GET TOGETHER!!! BE A COUPLE!!!! Plus thanks to Neely Kate, Rose tells Mason her "gift" which is a pretty big deal telling Mason.

The business venture
Rose had her own things to deal with like opening up a nursery/landscaping shop with her sister Violet, their little shop gets great media with the new Reverend  in town that is directly across from the shopEnter Jonah Pruitt, he is wildly known for his church community.

However something fishy is going on surrounding Jonah and Rose gotten herself in the middle of elderly sudden and strange deaths, making her believe that foul play has happen. 

Danger is getting closer and time could be running out.

Joe's BIG family dinner, was a trap in itself Poor Rose had to endure such an horrible night. Joe's father put Joe in the running for senator and everyone was making it pretty apparent that Rose would not be a suitable politician wife/girlfriend or even a good image towards Joe.   They belittle Rose and Joe wouldn't even stand up for her!!!!


Here's the big kicker!!! Joe Propose to Rose!!!!!

In the end Rose makes her epic list, Why shouldn't she marry Joe? after her conclusion, Mason calls just as danger lurks around. And can you guess who came to her rescue? And if that wasn't enough hint, even the nurse who took notice of Rose's ring thought it was her and Mason.

Joe and Rose basically ended right then and there while Rose was recovery as well the vision she had of Joe and Hilary. I believe that Joe thinks he made his own decision by leaving Rose to do his father deeds in order to protect her but swears to himself that he will work as hard as he can to win Rose back and avoid the vision he asked from Rose since that wasn't what he expected. 

Rose is left with a broken heart and Joe made his own selfish choice to do his father bidding, what will happen in 31 and a half? Where will Rose stand and will the things she seen come true?


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