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Monday, April 20, 2015

Top 10 Tuesday

Today Top 10 Tuesday post is all about your top 10 favorite authors! Top 10 Tuesday is hosted by The Broken and the Bookish.

My Top 10 Favorite Authors are . . .

1. Rachel Vincent
The author of  Shifters Series, Soul Screamers, Lion's Share (werecats/spin-off of shifters), upcoming future releases/New series; The Stars Never rises comes out June 9th, 2015, Menagerie comes out sometimes in 2015. 

2. Kristin Miller
Author of Seattle Pack: Gone with the Wolf (#1), Four Wedding and a werewolf (#2), and So I married a werewolf (#3). New/spin off series San Franisco Pack; The Werewolf wears Prada (#1), and the Blue Lake Series.
3. Jennifer L Armentrout
Author of Covenant series, Lux series, Dark Elements series, A Wicked Saga, as well NA books under her pen name J. Lynñ

4. Denise Grover Swank
Author of The chosen series, curse keepers, but most of all my favorite series the Rose Gardner series. She also has some upcoming books coming out. 

5. Page Morgan
Author of the dispossessed series, all about gargoyles how can you turn that down? The last book is or has been release this month. 

6. Jennifer Lynn Barnes
Author of raised by wolves and among others titles, but the series that she got me hooked is The Naturals, like seriously it's a great mixture of paranormal abilities and FBI cases. 
7. Sophie Jordan
She got a few titles under her belt, the books I read by her is Uninvited seriously love the whole idea of the book and Foreplay which is know as the ivy chronicles which I yet have to dive into the next two book or is it three now? 

8. Mindy Ruiz
Indie author of The Games of Heart, an highly influence Greek mythology and the houses of cards. Vegs-style. One of my favorite top 10 read of 2014.

9. Katie McGarry
Author of the best of contemporary, romance, young love, straight down to the core of emotions type books/series Pushing the limits consist of 5 books and two novella? Plus her upcoming book Nowhere but here is an mixture of bad guys and motorcycles

10. Victoria Scott
Author of Dnate walker severed which I yet still have to read but I'm a huge huge fan of her fire and blood series and I still haven't got my hands on Salt and Stone. 


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