"You Can Never Have Too Many Books"

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Catty Chat: How much $$$$$

Okay so we probably spends hundreds of dollars on books right? Either within a year or within 6 months. But have you ever wonder how much it would truly cost to get every single book you want and how much stoarage you would need?

Kara from Great Imaginations started this so I'm blaming her on the spot then Pixie also from Great Imagination formerly The Bookaholi also pitch in.

So okay now to you the followers, the readers, the bloggers . . .

HOW MUCH $$$$$ 

Would it cost you to buy every single books you want in the world? 

How Much Space would you need? 

How would you get that to happen? 

Here's my answer . . . 

If you tally up all the hardcovers whihc would roughly be 17.99- 26.95(Yes you have to consider the foreign books costs) I would mulptily that by ooh 200,000 books now by my calculation its 5,390,000 Million Now that is just imaginary. 

Now paperbacks which will range between 7.99-18.99 depending on how's it formatted and who makes the print set. I would estimates that I would need at least 800,000 books. 
Calculation equals 15,193,000 million again imaginary. 

A total of 20, 583, 000 million . . .

Now I'm not sure if this is accurate or not, $106.29 Million is the average jackpot amount

Now I have 1 Million books . . . NOW WHERE DO I PUT ONE MILLION BOOKS?

If I had a house where the hallways were all bookshelves that might works, but you have to imagine every square inch of the hallways in the house would be filled with books.

Modern Home Theater by Calgary General Contractors Home Completions

If a room was the size of an apartment, you know like a royal castle . . . Every square inch of the walls in that room alone. 

A large open library for a contemporary home [ BruceChampionRealEstate.com ] #library #RealEstate #Premier

Or you seen those retractable shelves right? Now you just need deep walls

These would be amazing. Floor would be nice and open, the books are still easily accessible but cleaner, and they could all be great facades for posters/kid's art.
Or you could save your house from all the maddness and actually buy a store only disclose to yourself . . .

The American Book Center, Amsterdam, the Netherlands   
Obviously this has a lot of space and I would CATIFICATION it's up and let Cats roam freely in that store, it would be their home and they'll watch over my books. I don't even know how much it would cost to buy a building that large but I might save myself on buy property and building it.

This is actually Dewy the library Cat! I have a few books on him. He makes such a great inspiration

Well I hope you really enjoy this post because I had a lot of fun writing it! And Imagining it!


  1. Yeeeaah... I don't even want to think about how obscenely high my number would be, not to mention the space dilemma. I might just have nightmares tonight because of your post. LOL!

    1. LOL I blame Kara from Great Imaginations! and you should as well, I just decided to have a little fun with the idea :-)