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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

12 Days of Christmas Book Blogmas: Day Three

12 Days of Book Blogmas Day 2: Christmas Card Exchange! 

Day Three: The purrrfect book lover gifts.

Last year my parents got me the best thing a book reader could ever need, love, and want!!!
LED Desk Lamp Light

Yes I was one of those that uses a flashlight to read a book at night, eventually flashlight run out and then you're left to have to go to bed. It has the right amount of lighting especially for me since I require a lot of lights. 

So if you know someone that is still using a flashlight, buy them one of these! They will love it! 

I have no idea what type of thing my parents will buy me this year, we're trimming down some items this year that can wait until after Christmas since I'm a Christmas baby or well three days after Christmas and stores have great after Christmas sales.

Yes I get double the presents or double the fun!

And what else could we book reader need? 
a bookcase if you have the space, I did do some switcharoo in my room to add a bookcase in my cramp bedroom but I still love it even the one that isn't completely filled when I didn't think it was possible to have two book cases in my room.


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