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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

12 Days of Blogmas: Day 11

JjAnnouncing the 12 Days of Christmas Book Blogmas Challenge

It's Day 11 of the Blogmas challenge posts

We have to share a recipe, well I don't cook and I barely bake. My mom is responsible for all the holdiays baking the only thing I can be a part of is the decorations of some of the baking. 

Last year I did my first attempt on chocolates mices, you know what I'm talking about those cute little mices you see on Pinterest, and that's is where I got the idea. Sadly I wasn't able to make them this year like I hoped but next year I hope to do it.

So what comes to doing these mices? Pretty simple stuff really

I know a couple mices have different recipes but I'll share what I did,

  1. Since peanut butter balls and coconuts are a must have on cookie trays I used both for the base of the mouse. 
  2. Ideally you will need to make either peanut butter balls or coconut balls before you can say you have a base. 
  3. Next is to melt chocolate, so you can attach ears and faces, I also would suggest using a swirl kisses chocolate be uses that really stands out. Last year I used chopped almonds for the ears which was extremely challenging because they were thin and broke easy, my plan if I had the time to do it this year I would have done mini chocolate chips for the ears. 
  4. You use the melted chocolate as a paste, what I did was slightly dipped the kisses into the melt chocolate, you only want the base covered in chocolate and then place it on the peanut butter ball or coconut ball or what ever chocolate covered balls you're using. This goes for the ears as well.
  5. As for the tail, the pesky little tail. Now if I had used cherry the tail would have already been done but again I didn't use cherry only because none of my family like it. But I found a chocolate twiizzers as the tails. You kind of have to drill a little hole in the back of your base to put the tail in. 
  6. Now you have your mices, to make it a little extra cute I did an boy/girl gender last year with pink frosting for the bows and for the noses. And I think I used the pick for the eyes as well or I used a brown.

I'm having a really hard time finding my pictures of the mices I made, I found one out of hundreds of photos I take  but it is a photo of my cousin eating the poor little mice. So I don't want to post that, but if I do find the photos I'm truly looking for I'll post it.

 Christmas Mice...chocolate covered cherries, almonds, Hershey's kisses! Simple and cute!


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