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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Catty chat: Sisterhood of the World Blogger Award Nominees

This sounds fun and I want to kind of peek out from my long long nap a.k.a. Hiatus. 
Lyn from Great Imagination was nominate for Sisterhood of the World Blogger Award, and admittedly said that she's horrible at tagging and made it open to anyone.  So she asked ten questions that I have to answer . . . 


1. Book friend: do a 100 word intro about yourself.
  • My love for books didn't occurred until after I read Twilight, YES I know but now I'm beyond Twilight.  
  • I am a college student and by the end of this year I am switching programs and hopefully this next program will be what I want to pursue. 
  • I can almost name a lot of characters by actor's name in a movie and then trying to rely the actors name I get the weird look because they have no idea who I'm talking about. 
  • I like to make annual Christmas Cards and is trying to catch up for the limited time I could only get this year, I'm also dabbling in jewelry making.
  • I am a writer, yes I have at least four different WIP in mind and is planning to get one of those WIP published in the next year or two. (It's a really great book, in my mind) 
  • I love to bowl, I've been bowling for as long as I can remember my average is 160. 
  • I have one cat, Buddy and I'm an only child . . . I've been told that I resemble Kate Hudson which is a great compliment.

2. What is the best bookish thing to happen to you this year?
This year? As in 2014? God it seem like this year has gone by so fast! Well I say my most awesome bookish thing was attending UtopYA in Nashivlle. I met so many people that I've connected over facebook and really couldn't believe that it taken years to finally meet them! I think my blog name took off really well although I had hardly anything to brand it and I'm going to be working on that for the future bookish events I might attend to. 

3. If you were to write your own novel, and you had all the time and money to do it, what would you write about? Fiction or non-fiction? YA or adult? Genre?
Well I do write now, I pretty much write urban fantasy adult, paranormal/suspense adult, a few YA if I could write a teenager's mind and I would love to try getting into New Adult but having the darnest time figuring out a story and what would happen in this particular age group the characters are in.  

4. Your favorite place to read is:
My bed . . . Simple 

5. Did you discover any awesome writers this year? Did you have any big book shocks for 2014?
Yes! And really too many to count. Well I can't really say since I've been not reading a whole lot but I think when I do the Christmas end of the year blogging challenge that Rachel of fiktshun does every year gives us time to reflect on the books we read. 

6. What bookish goal would you like to accomplish for 2015?
Ha! I had a goal this year, read only series books, snorts failed badly on that. I kept my goal at 50 and I will not be reaching that this year which is not a big deal because I'd simply didn't have time to read. I'm not sure what goals I want to set for myself in bookish related things 

7. Do you live a double life? Would people be shocked to know you run a book blog? Do you keep your identity a secret?
Um no, I'm pretty straight forward but if I could, I would wear something or carry something that screams SassyCat's Books Review (I might be taking out books in the future in my title). 

8. Your book soulmate is:
Mmm book soulmate, can I get back to you on that? 

9. What book would make the next big blockbuster (please help out here, The Hunger Games is over next year).
Aside from The 5th (or is it 4th) wave being made into a movie but I haven't read it nor own it. If you're asking for what book I want to be the next big blockbuster? I would say the Lux series by Jennifer L Armentrout. The series is done and almost anyone can pick it up right away (no waiting for next book!)  

10. A picture of your favorite bookshelf.
This is what I started with when stacking books as well crates, now I have two other bookshelves that had helped me sort some books as won books or series books or my favorite authors/books section. 

So Now I have to nominate some people!

Kara of Great Imaginations
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Smiling Ina
Jessica of Review From a Book Loving Mom 

My questions are
1. What books would you want to be turn into either a movie or TV series?
2. What YA world would you want to be physically in?
3. Your Favorite Book Boyfriend
4. Do you read other genre beside YA?
5. If you were only allow to read one book for a whole year, what would it be?
6. Dual POV, Multiple POV or One POV?
7. Tell us something about your blog
8. What would be your book rec to others?
9. Ebooks or Physical books
10. What hobby do you like to do aside from reading/blogging


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