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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Cat's Meow: Future is shining bright!


So today is not a day where I typically talk about books, today is a day where my future shines just a little brighter.

Since late 2012 to early 2013, I had questioned about my career path for Health Care Administration I never did question about the thought of changing a different path but with the focus that my local university had for their Health Care Administration program, I had to.

I was sadden from day one of orientation when the person I talked to said that their Health Care was focused solely on the aging population and how to provide and understand about the aging population where they would need more benefits and so on so on. But I did one semester of that program and if I wasn't already questioning about their route, it was the history classes and other non-necessaries that I did not need.

So I move on from that path although I do hope that down the road I might find the right match for Health Care administration and use my skills and knowledge towards people that struggle day by day health problems.

So what do I do now? 

That was the big question . . . I search programs at my Local technical college where I earn my Associate's degree in Business management and found Ultrasound or (Diagnostic Medical Sonography in their terms) might be the next path.

I have always that motherly instinct for as long as I can remember, and kids are a big future for me so I wanted to possibly work in an area where I am partly a part of a couple's beginning finding out their pregnant, the progression of the pregnancy and so on. What's great about my technical college is that they offered and plan their program to dabbed in many areas where ultrasound is needed and I'm excited to venture in that area.

The downside? 

The wait list . . . I was told that I couldn't start until 2018 that was five years from now! and Today I get a call from my advisor saying that I've been move up on the waiting list to the point where I could possibly(CROSS YOUR FINGERS) Start my Core Program in Fall of 2015!

And that's not even all of it! This year they decided to take in some students that are on the wait list to take the Intro Course limited of course and because I was within the 10 people limits list that she offered it to me to take the class and of course I said yes!

By taking this class, that will get one class out of the way for when I start . . . I actually did some crunching numbers and realizes that I could possibly get my degree in DMS in two and a half years. That is saying I take at least 14 credit load and I think some course you have to take at the same time so EEK I'm excited!

I'm one step closer to starting, and one step closer to going after my career . . . 

So with that being said I pretty sure that I'll need to find a balance to blog/read/work/school/writer.


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