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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The Cat's Meow: Playin Hide & Seek

Well this is my version of peeking from a corner like a Cat, as you can see my post today is about the fact that I'm playing Hide & Seek. Really I am in my own way, so I'm still hungover from UtopYA Con. The books haven't found a place on my bookshelves (they still remains in the bags) and I'm still sorting all the swags stuff.

Part of my reasons for not being active on my blog is simply LIFE, there's a few things going on.
  • One is helping my friend plan her wedding or give her tips anyways. Her wedding is in One month from now and I'm also a bridesmaid!
  • Two I had relatives in town when I had return from my trip and was spending as much time as I could with them before they left. 
  • Thirdly as many don't know this and I have no problem sharing the fact but its hard for anyone to understand or grasp the concept of the fact. I have a medical condition and while I've been pretty healthy, my platelets are acting up so right now my doctors are trying to figure out why they're being this way and this problem just occur the week before I was leaving for my big trip. So everything had to be dealt and figure out after I came back and so I did. Now it's just a waiting game. 
  • Fouth I need to start job hunting, like really I have to . . . it's time and I'll be focusing on that and cross fingers that I find one. 
  • Fifth I'm still a student, my semester starts up at the end of august and August is pretty busy for me where I have my friend's wedding, (still Debating) attending a JLA Oppression Book Tour nearby, and whatever else comes up.
I have like a gallion things to do related to blogging and you can say I'm overwhelm . . . I'm lacking creativity and writing when it comes to blogging.
  • But I am making a goal to have SassyCat's Books Review as a Facebook page but I'm still figuring that out.
  • I have three books that I plan on reading before school starts up, so as far review requests go I will be posting it on my Review Policy about if I can review or not which I still have to work on.  
  • Anything else like Reviews I'm just slow and late on just because I got myself hooked on reading series books which now I find lacking and ultimately failing at that goal. 
I can't think of anything else right now but just know that my lack of blogging is because of what's going on in LIFE. 



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