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Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Cat's Meow: New Look


As you can see . . . SassyCat got a new look! There's a blonde(me) avi, there's a zebra lounge couch which I love and the numerous options for backgrounds so far I'm head over heels on the zebra (pink or white).

So how did I end up changing up the look without notice? Well it better to be surprise then spew out a few words that there were going to be some changes done. However Rachel of Parajunkee Design hosted a giveaway on FB for a free Blogger Template $50 dollars worth. All you had to do was like comment and share and I did all out of the two (I believe) and I actually won it! 

It was a much needed thing for SassyCat, even though the look I was going for or wanted requires custom designs and the money which I don't have. So that dream and idea is put on hold, for now I can ogling on the new look that actually in many ways suits me as a person. So I might be in trouble when figuring out how far I want to go for customization. 

So I like to thank Rachel of Parajunkee, for actually putting it up because my laptop wouldn't do a single thing and I couldn't figure out on the main computer because the files were Zipped. So I just had her do it and she got it done in seconds! Like really in seconds after I made her admin and talking to her via FB. 

But I did figure out how to unzipped the files on the main computer (thanks to a little feature that my laptop doesn't have) so I saved everything on there, now I might switch to black and white zebra print or change the font colors, gadgets colors. You never know so don't be surprise if you see a little changes here and there. Also I'm so super excited about the avi and having it as my twitter profile and my google+ profile. I have raters and a FB cover however I still have to set up a FB page, the the one I love that I have always wonder "how the heck do they get that?" Is the book description box. Now that I have that feature don't be surprise to see that more often. 

So again thank you Rachel and now I need to make it a goal to set up that FB page.


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