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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

UTopYA Con: Day 0.5

Meow! I know it been forever since I've done a post! I'm not hiding I swear, I just got a lot of life things going one that I'm going in a million different direction. 

First off I like to say that I visited my really good friend in North Carolina after 5 years meeting her so long ago. 

Tuesday/Wednesday, she and her finace took my mom and I out to dinner then the very next day her doctor said that it was time to go to the hospital (she was expecting) so instead of spending time with her I visited her at the hospital during her early stages of labor.

You can say I cross off a bucket list or something, visiting a friend at labor & Delivery, She had a boy (she knew she was having a boy) he was born June 18th 11:36pm, weight 6lbs 13oz and 19inches. Completely healthy and they were send home Friday.

Anyway to start off I'm at UTopYA Con, 

it's been awesome so far although Thursday night and early Friday I went to my shyish self, I haven't been this shy in a long time but as I warn people earlier that I am shy when meeting new people (a lot) of new people. 

Thursday night was kind of a bust, the Reader Abduction party wasn't as great as I thought it would be. There had to have been 100 people in one small conference room, you could barely walk around. Now I'm not always claustrophobic, but small rooms and way more people that the room can tolerate makes me feel that way. 

The entertainment of games were fun from what I'd played,  the little prizes that I won were cool. I wish that they had held it in a bigger room and be more set up in a sense. I guess I was expecting more out of it rather than getting that feeling of being confined in a small room. 

If they do plan to do another Reader Abduction party, hopefully they might consider a bigger room and more games or activities instead of people just standing around (especially for some that are shy and don't know anyone)

I did meet Megan of Paperbook Princess, no I didn't get a pic of me and her we had our own plans that it just didn't fold over. But it was great meeting her! 

My next post will be all about Day one then so on with the next couple posts.


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