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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Kitty Blitz: The Keeper + Review

The Keeper (The Raven Chronicles # 0.5) 
by Stephanie Thomas

The Keeper (The Raven Chronicles #0.5) In this dark and thrilling prequel, in a time before Beatrice, before the all-out war between the Dreamcatchers and the Seers, before the Keeper became the Keeper...there was just Danielle...

Yesterday, Danielle was only a Seer, but when the Institution is attacked, Danielle suddenly finds herself wearing the red robes of the Keeper, a role she never expected to serve. As she struggles to come to terms with the brutal facts behind the attack and the demands that her position carries, she learns that leadership doesn't come without sacrifice. As the danger continues to grow, Danielle must make the choice between the man she loves and those whom she is sworn to protect. But in making the choice, Danielle could make the biggest sacrifice of all.


Expected publication: June 10th 2014 by Stephanie Thomas 

This is an ARC ebook from Stephanie

So I know many of you who are fans of Stephanie's Raven Chronicles, and were eager for book number 2 Lucidity but since Stephanie had a downfall of miscommunications and needed to reclaim what were hers she struggled with the reality of what happen, she even struggled to tell us what had happen . . . if you would like to know what had happen here's her Open Apology 

Now Stephanie has treated us with a short story/novella . . . a prelude of the Raven Chronicles before Beatrice came along, called The Keeper. 

The Keeper is now available on Amazon

The time where your first true vision comes, that's when you earn your Ravens Wings. Danielle never thought she would become the next keeper or that her decisions will determine everything for the institution. 

Danielle is torn between her duties and her love for someone that betrayed her and the institution, but there's a much bigger plan in the midst of a revolution between the institution and the dreamcatchers & seers.

Will Danielle choose love over duties or duties over love?

Or will Love be the weakness?

The Keeper is where the beginning of a revolution started, Danielle must do what she thinks is right and for the sake of the Seers safely and to maintain a peace and power over the citizens, dreamcatchers and forthcoming Seers

I really love when authors dig in the past/the backstory of how things happen to why things happens that chang. Stephanie created The Keeper as a light/dark and edgy story, that it gets five Cat's Tails UP. 

MEOW . . . MEOW . . . MEOW
The Keeper took you back on Daneille's life, when she earns her Raven wings and also became the Keeper we grew to hate in Luminosity.  But after reading The Keeper you see a much softer side of her and the reaons why she was so downright hardheaded and evil.

Danielle was the one you never thought she was madly in love with someone like Micah, but sadly Micah became part of the revolution which then made him the enemy but Danielle secretly hope that there was an explanation to everything.

Amelie is Danielle's right hand girl/best friend in my book . . . she was the one person Danielle could relies on as a friend. When Danielle became the next Keeper, she makes the hardest decisions she could ever faced.

Yes this story was short and it gave insight on how or why the revolution started that leads to Beatrice's story.  I would say more but there's spoilers that involves how this ended and what ties in Luminosity.


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