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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Cat's Meow: Prepare for UToPYA Con

There's is only 50 days until UtopYA Con!!!!

This will be my first ever biggest book/authors/bloggers event where tons of bloggers and authors are under the same roof. So much is going to happen that I'll be surprise if I can sleep!

What is UtopYA Con?  for writers of supernatural YA and NA fiction and their fans! and if you want to check out more on it here's their website click here 

Prep for UtopYA Con:
  • Know who going to be there
  • Know which books the author have published  
  • Join the community group (invites only) or unless someone else has an open community page on FB
  • Bring children's Books for the Fan Invasion Signing Night otherwise it's $5 admission
  • Save every little money you can
  • prepare to use Cash 
  • Ask the authors how much they are charging for their books, some have deals
  • Ask yourself "How much are you willing to spend?" 
  • Make a list of books you want to buy and price them 
Book Buying 

Questions to ask yourself
  • How many can I buy? based on your transportation methods (I know some of you have a plan in set)
  • How many books do I want from each author?
  • Which books will the Authors bring with them? (Be sure to ask around, they might have to order some specific ones)
  • Which one do I have to bring/ purchase early? 
Stay tuned for more posts leading up to UTOPYA Con


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