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Friday, April 4, 2014

The Cat's Meow: Divergent

So this is out of the norm for The Cat's Meow regular feature, but today I wanted to express and share my thoughts on the movie Divergent. Now yes I'm very well aware that it's based on Veronica Roth's books and I know you probably think that I should have read the book first . . . well there's two side of the story.


I'm that kind of person that would go either way with Books to Movies and Movies to Books . . . If I had an interest in the book long before the idea of a movie came then I would see it. If there was a movie based on a book that I haven't read, the trailers are what has to impress me in order to see it and when I see it Would it be enough to make me want to read the book?

Well for Divergent it was both ways, I had read Divergent last summer but it was also the time that I got into a bad reading funk and reading Divergent didn't make an impact on me. But then I heard about the Movie and thought that perhaps I should read the book. But I still didn't but I kept being drawn in those trailers and cast talks so by the time the first official trailer not the teaser came I was hooked on seeing the movie.

So now I'm eager to read the book (again) and give it another shot because really you can't enjoy any book even your favorite when in a funk. 

The movie was filled with Action and a new look of Chicago but more importantly, there was a story behind it. The whole thought of having 5 factions and choosing to live in one of those for the rest of your life is such a futuristic society that could happen. The Aptitude test that defines who you are and where you should be in society. I've heard how hard the cast had to work for their role/character and being a dauntless can be a challenging task.

The Female Protagonist and the Male Protagonist

I love Shailene Woodley, she is such amazing young actress who doesn't let fame identify herself for who she is in life. I've watched her on the Secret Life of American Teenager, watch her grow into a young woman and then seeing her in The Descendant. You can tell she plays the role as if it was her that was dealing with that character's problem. She became the character and not just an actress that plays a character.

Now I've only seen Theo James in Underworld: Awakening and thought he's pretty decent but also guys with accent just takes me away. Well when I saw him as Four somehow he just became hotter and I was super excited to see him play this Four character who he was only briefly in my mind but I also wanted to know FOUR.


Tris and Four ready to take a stand

 The famous knife throwing scene: Believe it or not that is one of my favorite scene aside from the ferry wheel, and I'm sure there are other parts but there's a reason why I chose these scenes. One Four starts to shows compassion towards Tris and starts becoming kind to her. Four knew that there was something different about Tris and he was determine to find out.

Also can I add that Theo James/Four is just so damn HOT!!!! I mean his character is just swoon worthy and it make me wish that I had given the book a chance the first time around but thankfully books can't hate me unless I've done some poor damage to it but I can't wait to read Four in the book.

Don't worry I'll be seeing it again on the big screen, now my only hope is that they will release it in a short time like 3 three months rather than 6 months because I can watch Theo and Shailene over and over again.


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