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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Book Review: Business as Usual

Business as Usual (Off the Subject #3) by

Business as Usual (Off the Subject, #3)

Expected publication: April 10th 2014 
I receive an ARC to review Business as Usual  . . . I do not own this book

Book Review
Lexi's life turns upside down when something horrid happen and she doesn't get justice and instead she has to hide. She has to create a new identity in order to protect herself but also regain herself as a person when she believe she was stripped, tainted, and humiliated by one person.
Ben had the ideal life, he had the scholarship, the will to succeed, and graduate in time but then one selfish person was deem to destroy everything he works hard for and that person did destroy his life. Now Ben has to work extra time and basically lose all of his social life because he want to finish what he started before that one person destroy it.
Both Ben and Lexi both have something to redeem themselves but can they do it alone or will they need to redeem themselves by helping each other.
Business as Usual present two unlikely people who seem to have the perfect life however when you get deeper into their lives, not everything is as it seems.

Denise created two halves of a story that make mending a love story works, a hidden identity behind the mask that both characters wears. ~ 4.5 Cat's Tails Up review

MEOW . . . MEOW . . . MEOW
I've only read a few books by Denise and each one that I read were different themes/characters/series, now reading a whole different book by her isn't a surprise to me that I love it. Business as Usual has a unique set of characters with their own demons to fight against. 

They're not driven by their demons, they're reminded of their demons and the after-effect that lingers with them, both Lexi and Ben have something to redeem themselves for and that's why their relationship just might work because it's about redeeming but also finding themselves again.

Lexi had her life taken away when a guy essentially held her against her will and tainted her in such a way that even when she was willing to make a stand, she couldn't because the guy was made of money and money always sweep things under the rug. But Lexi still has the lingering thought of "Did I give up to easy?"

Ben has always been on the right track, but he's made some decision and during one of his certain female fling that ends up labeling him something that he thought he would never be accuse of . . . a Rapist. 

Ben and Lexi eventually come across each other and both have some sort of chemistry between each other that makes each of them forget their demons and focus on the now and the future TOGETHER.

I love how Ben was the one that quickly fell in love with Lexi first rather than the other way around, he didn't care what her demons were or how over-protective her brother was he was interested in HER and he wanted to know her.

Lexi was very self-conscious even after the Ben knew who she was in her black wig that she wore, but she still remains that way through their time together because she didn't know if anyone else could provide that comfort and protection that her OVERLY-PROTECTIVE brother have done. 


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