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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Graphic Review: X-Files Vol 2

X-Files Season 10 Volume 2 

X-Files Season 10 Volume 2As Scully and Mulder try to deal with the fallout from the actions of a mysterious group that has been targeting anyone associated with the X-Files and causing their return to the Bureau, reports that a creature from their past has returned sends Mulder heading to Martha's Vineyard and Scully to Quantico.
Hardcover, 128 pages
Expected publication: April 22nd 2014 by IDW Publishing

I just discovered this graphic novel on Netgallery! As some of you know or don't know I'm a huge huge fan of the X-FILES, so when I came across this my jaw dropped.

After 9 years +, Scully and Mulder have return to the F.B.I. and the new Assistant Director wants to closes all unsolved/unanswered cases that Scully and Mulder have come across. 
Their first assignment back is taking them to Mulder's hometown in Martha's Vineyard and an familiar old case has come back . . . thinking that it had ended in the first place 10 years ago. 

The next series of Episodes
Mr.X from the past
Critters . . . Critters, listen to their sounds
Everything is always Smoked and Mirrored.  

X-Files Graphic present Season 10 for all X-Files fans(myself included) I haven't decided how I'll rate this since it is a Graphic novel. But it does get great points from me. 

MEOW . . . MEOW . . . MEOW

Episode: Hosts Part 2 

Episode: Being for benefit of Mr. X

Episode: Critters

Episode: Smoke & Mirrors

Between the Hosts Part two and Being for benefit of Mr. X, were the only two that were from old episodes of the X-Files. I could hear the voices of Mulder and Scully only because I've watch every episode and practically grew up with X-Files as a kid. So the dialogue was very well done and it was enough to keep me drawn in.

Critters and Smoke & Mirrors, were meh not anything special, Critters seem to be a combining of two episodes concepts. Critters was like the bug episode although I think there were multiple bugs episodes. Smoke & Mirrors was aspect from Mulder's father past which we have only seen so much of and have always got that Smoke & Mirrors.

Not too bad in my opinion, so I might continue the graphic books because I really do miss my X-Files


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