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Friday, February 21, 2014

Meowing Meow: Star Crossed Episode 1

The Meow Meowing is a formative discussion! Not like my "The Cat's Meow" because that is where I talk solely about books and or what my pile is and such. The Meow Meowing is an open discussion and today I want to widen my blog and talk about TV shows!

Now I didn't really hear about Star Crossed until a few of my friends started talking about it, now as far I know that it's based on a book or something? Well I have no idea so but I'll get there . . . so now let's discuss.

What would you do if Aliens have landed in your hometown or town . . . and you realizes that there's is another species and now in the future have to co-exist?

  You look familiar . . .

So in the beginning we saw a little girl and alien boy bond a short friendship, the little girl Emery watch her friend be zapped by something even when he was protecting her. The thing about young kids, they are not judgmental and for the most part they can't understand what's going on in the world around them. So when the military barge in the shed and was pointing guns at both kids. Somehow no matter how young an alien kid may be, the military will do anything to take it down.

Stand up against your own kind

Now it's no secret that there's one alien or "tattie" that hates humans but I can't hate him (yet). I mean Greg Finley is so freaking HOT especially in that white shirt. The whole "Program:" about combining the tatties and humans together starting at the high school.

Parent Pressured

It's clear that Roman's dad has big plans for him but the first goal is to be able to co-existed at the high school. While Roman does what he can to not get in trouble or face conflicts but he will stand up for what's right. 

The ending for the first episode will change dynamic for Roman and Emery, a friendship that only just starting may be broken again . . .

So right now for Star Crossed it got me interested enough to watch the next episode . . . how about you?


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